DIY The Perfect Super Bowl Party Decor With TikTok's Must-Try Idea

Super Bowl Sunday is approaching quickly, which means it's time to whip out our favorite DIY arts and crafts to ensure your Super Bowl party is one for the books. From making pool noodle goal posts to going as far as Snoop Dogg purchasing a house in walking distance from the stadium, the possibilities run far and wide, just like your favorite running back. For this year's Super Bowl, we've found the perfect party decor that can transport you, your family, and your friends to the field. We may not know who's playing in this year's Super Bowl, but we do know that a faux grass field is in our future. For this DIY, use artificial grass to create a faux football field for your snack table.

Whether you're attending a watch party or hosting one yourself, Super Bowl Sunday is an intense day for football fans (and those who only show up for the commercials). To honor the 58th annual Super Bowl — which is scheduled for Sunday, February 11 in Las Vegas — making unique arts and crafts can enrich the watch party experience. All you'll need is to grab yourself some turf grass and a box cutter. Home Depot sells TrafficMaster turf for $2.44 per square foot or pick up a 7 ½-foot roll of Everlast turf for $14.98 from Lowe's. For additional decor, add a few mini footballs, goal posts, and pom poms.

Turf for a faux football field

Faux football fields are made with turf, an artificial grass that can be placed onto a variety of surfaces. TikTok user @nikkiedition made a faux football field snack table, filled with a variety of football-themed foods that pulled together the grassy look, and we're here to give you all the details. To start, measure the size of your table or countertop before determining how much surface area will be taken up by the turf. Using a box cutter, cut the artificial grass to size. In case your turf doesn't cover the entire counter space, place the artificial grass at the center of the table and add footballs, pom poms, and any other accessories around the border.

Besides countertops, the faux football field idea works for other surfaces, as well. Since most of us watch the Super Bowl from our living rooms, turning the entertainment center or center table into a mini football field can also work. If you're feeling crafty and have a keen attention to detail, cut small strips of white tape to create yard lines and numbers. The turf can also pick up any spills and stains that are inevitable on game day, making this perfect to protect your furniture while decorating your space.

How to enhance Super Bowl Sunday decor

Turf football fields are one of the easiest ways to get crafty on Super Bowl Sunday, but there are also a few other DIY projects that can further enhance your Super Bowl decor. For example, goal post labels can walk your guests through drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert through football terms. Drinks and appetizers can be introduced as a kickoff, while the main entree can be considered halftime. For dessert, let's call it a touchdown. To amp up the fun and decide who gets first dibs, you may even assign each guest a position.

The possibilities are endless for Super Bowl Sunday decor. Much like the players on the field, a hydration station can help guests pace themselves and stay hydrated amidst all the beer, wine, and wings. Depending on which teams are playing, you may even tailor the celebration to reflect who you're rooting for — specialty cocktails, anyone? Once you've selected a few options for customized decor, feel free to create a spreadsheet where guests can sign up to bring their own snacks, food, and drinks. All of this and more can be laid out on your new faux football field. We can't wait to see how you'll celebrate!