Keep Messy Extension Cords Neatly Organized With This Clever Storage Tip

Moment of honesty: that extension cord collection burrowing under your TV stand needs a makeover. We get it, who's really looking, right? You are. And you deserve better than a jumbled mess of cables and plugs when a more efficient alternative exists. And trust us, it's an easy fix.

To preserve the safety and longevity of your extension cords, we recommend cord reels, labels, and loop closures. Beyond tripping over those annoying cords, leaving them out and about is a huge fire hazard and can cause electric shocks. To fix this problem, simply grab a double-sided velcro strip and attach it to an area of your TV stand that holds your cables upright. This hack will keep all of your cords from falling, getting tangled, or short-circuiting from constantly being pulled in every direction. The best part about this hack is that it can be used for every part of your home: it can be done in your home office (or your office at work), kitchen, dining room, or anywhere most of your appliances reside.

Another tangle-proof way to take care of your cord problems

First things first, consider what you use most often. Using the tangle method (aka plugging two ends together, working your hands along both pieces toward the opposite end, then forming a loop) and properly storing cords is essential for their lifespan. When you create your list, outline spaces that protect your cords, but help maintain your home aesthetic.

Now, we always recommend a DIY project, especially when it comes to renovation projects you can DIY in a weekend or less. With that in mind, toilet paper rolls make for great cord organizers. Simply label which cords will go in each roll and tuck them away until they're ready to be used. Bread ties are also great for labeling and knowing which cord is which, to save you from having an unplugging fest at the end of the night. Washi tape is great for keeping cords from getting tangled. Because it comes in an array of sizes and colors, it's one of the easiest ways to make your home more organized. Wrap the tape around cords that belong in the same spaces (plugged or unplugged) to free up space in your home and tuck those cords away.

Whatever you decide, making the switch will truly be a remarkable one. We all know the saying "cluttered space, cluttered mind," right? Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a home where cords manage to be hidden, yet functional, without missing a beat.