The Artificial Grass DIY That Will Add A Pop Of Color To Any Gravel Garden Path

While gravel paths can add function and accessibility to your landscaping at a low price point, they can also leave something to be desired in terms of appearance. At the same time, adding real grass in your yard brings about an overwhelming array of new costs and maintenance tasks. To reconcile the desire for more color with the need for a low-maintenance and affordable solution, DIYer @plaster_not_paris on TikTok found a fun and budget-friendly way to add year-round greenery to her garden pathway. By cutting artificial grass to the shape and size of a concrete paver and gluing it to the paver, homeowners and even renters can create a grassy garden pathway that looks like it has been pulled straight out of a fairytale. 

Combining concrete pavers with artificial grass adds color to an otherwise-dull pathway and creates greenery that will last all year, regardless of your location. This hack also creates a more comfortable, cushiony walkway that is slip-resistant and durable for pet and human use. With DIY projects like this, it's easy to elevate your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Steps to creating your own colorful garden path

In order to execute this genius backyard boost and create an affordable DIY garden path, you'll need a measuring tape, 12 inch by 12 inch square pavers, something to cut with, construction adhesive, and a roll of artificial grass. You can purchase these items from home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. The number of pavers and the amount of artificial grass you'll need will depend on the length and style of the garden path you'd like to create. Measure the area of your yard or garden where you'd like to execute this project, then calculate how many pavers you'll need to fill the length, leaving a few inches between each paver. 

Create a level space for each paver in your yard, then arrange the pavers in their desired positions. Carefully measure and cut 12 inch by 12 inch squares from your artificial grass using scissors or a box cutter. Make as many squares as you have pavers. Apply the construction adhesive to the paver, taking care to ensure there is glue in all of the corners, along the sides, and in the middle. Place the artificial grass on top of each paver and press down to secure it to the adhesive. Once the adhesive has fully dried, you can add more gravel around each of the pavers, if desired.

Factors to keep in mind

How affordable is this DIY project? You could purchase Pewter Square Concrete Step Stones from Home Depot for less than $2 each and TrafficMaster Fescue Multipurpose Green Artificial Grass Turf from Home Depot for less than $3 per square foot. The Rapid Set Flexible Construction Adhesive used in the TikTok sells for less than $10 at the same retailer. Therefore, for a path of ten pavers, DIYers can expect to pay about $60. Since this project is completely customizable based on how many pavers you want to use, it's a DIY garden path that will fit in any yard and budget. You could also customize this project by using a different material other than gravel between the pavers, such as smaller pebbles, wood chips, or white marble stones. You can even vary the sizes and shapes of your pavers and arrange them in any pattern that fits your yard's style.

This project is cheap, but is it a good idea? It depends on the climate you live in and your priorities. Artificial grass can get extremely hot in the summer sun, making it a questionable choice if you plan to walk barefoot or have pets. There are also concerns about the release of hazardous chemicals from plastic grass, but a 2022 scientific review in Environmental Pollution calls for more research to determine how harmful this really is. The materials used to make turf could also be a concern for the eco-conscious consumer.