The Key To Organizing Your Water Bottles Might Be Hidden With Your Wine

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For those who love to collect reusable water bottles or have a large family, it can often be difficult to store your bottles without taking up tons of space or making your kitchen cabinets look cluttered. If you're a wine drinker, though, you might already have an organizational storage tool that can hold all your bulky water bottles. That's right: Wine racks are perfect for holding your favorite reusable water bottles. This wine rack hack is a great choice for neatly keeping your water bottles out of the way, and several types of wine racks could fit inside a cupboard or on a shelf or countertop, meaning this hack works for smaller spaces just as much as it does for larger ones.

If you already have a spare wine rack that's lying around instead of being used, repurposing it to organize your water bottles is a budget-friendly and sustainable option. Though there are organizers on the market specifically designed for water bottles, they're often made of plastic and may not match your decor as well as a cuter and sturdier wine rack would, so opting for a nice yet affordable wine rack might just be the ticket to a clutter-free kitchen. And you don't need to scour the internet for good options: We searched through Amazon reviews and ratings to find the best racks for your kitchen.

Using a wine rack to organize reusable water bottles

Wine racks are effective for storing your water bottles because they're designed for wine bottles, which typically have a bigger base, too. For those who don't already have a wine rack, several types could be used to display your water bottles stylishly. This organizational method should also work for reusable coffee mugs or cups!

If you're looking for something that can sit in your pantry or on your kitchen counter, the scratch-resistant LoongZDD Freestanding Stackable Wine Rack Organizer, made of carbonized pine wood, is just $14 on Amazon and is a unique way to organize your water bottles. It has 4.2 stars out of 5, with reviewers noting its "good quality." A couple of reviewers called it "flimsy," but for its price point, others adore it. Then, for an even more sophisticated aesthetic, there's the Handisen Countertop Wine Rack, which is chic and metal and doesn't require assembly. Plus, it's just $22 and has a 4.7-star rating. "Just what I was looking for," one reviewer wrote in their Handisen review. 

Or, to neatly tuck your water bottles inside a drawer, the Amazon Basics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack will keep your bottles organized and out of sight. "My family has always loved the tumblers and cups given out at theme parks, movie theaters and anywhere else... Worked so well I bought 7 more to complete the organization of this cabinet. So much better," one pleased reviewer wrote of the rack. This option would also be great for keeping full water bottles organized, chilled, and ready to drink in the fridge.

How we selected products

Online shopping can be overwhelming since there are so many choices, and it's sometimes difficult to tell if a product is truly worth your money. To ensure that we're recommending the most helpful products, we searched through various Amazon listings for wine racks of different styles, purposes, and materials. We wanted to find options that not only look cute in their product photos but also serve their functions well. They should be constructed well, and they should be sturdy so that your money is a true home-design investment.

Ultimately, after narrowing down our picks based on the above criteria, the wine racks recommended here were chosen by checking the reviews from verified buyers. We also looked for similar racks to find the best prices, while still taking durability into account. Finally, the products' star ratings compared to their numbers of ratings were also considered when selecting the best wine racks for this water bottle storage hack.