DIY A Pool Noodle Valentine's Day Wreath That Will Steal Everyone's Heart

It is the season of love, and of course, we are decorating for it. Wreaths are a timeless ornament and a stylish way to accessorize your home for Valentine's Day. Fortunately, there is a stunning heart-shaped wreath with ruffled ribbons that is easy to DIY. All you need is a pool noodle, 4-inch wide ribbon, tape, floral pins, and hot glue.

You can stick to traditional Valentine's Day colors like pink, red, and white for your decor, but it's also okay to skew slightly from the norm. Purple, gold, and orange still match the theme without being too on the nose. You can also substitute ribbon for strips of fabric, but ensure the pieces are still 4 inches wide — like this blush pink option from Joann for $11. These lovely wreaths are perfect to hang on your door, inside a window, or even on your wall. However, they are lightweight, so if you're spicing up your home's exterior, make sure the wreath is properly secured and shielded from the elements.

How to make a ruffled ribbon wreath

There are two parts to creating this Valentine's Day wreath: forming the heart-shaped base and securing the ribbon. First, take your pool noodle and cut it in half. You can use a utility blade or sharp kitchen knife to slice the foam. Then, tape together one end of each side to form a 90-degree angle. This corner will be the top dip in the heart shape. It will take a few wraps to attach them, so don't be stingy with the tape. Next, arch the other ends of the noodle to form the curves of the heart and tape the remaining ends into the bottom point. 

Now, it's time to decorate. Using the hot glue, attach the ribbon to the top of the wreath and wrap it around the entire heart. Once the pool noodle is covered, next up is making the fringe. Create 1-inch ruffles and join the fabric to the pool noodle with hot glue, then the floral pin. Continue doing this around the entire wreath, fluffing the ribbon as you go. After the last ruffle, snip the extra fabric, and your wreath is ready to go.

Ideas to customize your Valentine's Day wreath

Feel free to doll up your Valentine's Day wreath with more ornaments. LED string lights ($7 on Amazon), faux roses, love letters, and mini stuffed animals ($13 at Walmart) are cute additions. For the fairy lights, just wrap it around the wreath as you did the ribbon and tape the power box on the back. You can stick artificial flower stems through the foam or snip off the floral heads and apply the crowns with hot glue. Envelopes marked with hearts or kiss stains will look fabulous simply around your wreath or attach to it.

The possibilities are endless to turn this ruffled ribbon ornament into a creation that truly speaks to your home and Valentine's Day spirit. You can even forgo the ruffles and turn the heart-shaped base into your own trending handcrafted piece. If there are any more pool noodles around, you might also want to try this stunning DIY Valentine's Day centerpiece to really deck out your home.