How To DIY A Loft Bed To Maximize Your Bedroom Space And Storage

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Depending on the height of your ceiling, loft beds can be a great way to maximize space. Plus, let's face it; they're a whole lot of fun. The great thing is that there are a few different ways to DIY a loft bed based on how you're planning to use the space under the bed.

First thing's first: Decide whether you want to use a loft bed to allow for more storage or create an under-the-bed hangout spot. For the former, you can get away with pretty minimal hard labor. Using IKEA Kallax cabinets or something similar, take cues from TikToker Amber van der Veen and arrange them according to the dimensions of your mattress. The number of shelving units you'll need depends on the size of your bed, but expect to spend around $90 for each cabinet unit at IKEA. Ideally for support purposes, you should place a cabinet directly under the center of where the mattress will be. These cabinets could even be placed on wheels, as van der Veen did with hers. 

From there, top it off with a bed frame, screw it on to the cabinets, add a ladder, and pop your mattress on top. You'll have a ton of storage under the bed, and a heightened sleeping experience in the truest sense. However, this is just one option for a loft bed.

Build a loft that gives you way more space

One problem with the Kallax option is that the cabinets aren't designed to hold more than 55 pounds. And, while Amber van der Veen shared that her bed had held up without incident, not everyone is willing to take the risk. That brings us to the second option for a loft bed — and if you're low on space for a study nook or hangout spot, you may prefer this anyway. We're talking about the kind of loft bed where the space beneath becomes whatever you want it to be.

Start by checking the dimensions of your bed. Then, build a frame using lumber. This should be as sturdy as possible with diagonal supports on the sides and back of the bed. TikToker @mossbats filmed her partner hanging from the frame to test just how robust the frame was before moving on to the next steps — that's how robust it should be. Finish off with bed slats (around $44 on Amazon) and add on a ladder so you can get in and out. The ladder that you pick should depend on your style preference and height of the bed, but Amazon offers collapsible options for $99.95. 

Once you're done with the frame, how you use the space underneath the loft bed is up to you. You can add a desk, or even turn it into a Netflix watching spot. Just remember to watch your head as you get in and out.