Budget Friendly Sofas Plus-Size Content Creators Are Loving

When it comes to purchasing the perfect sofa, factors such as style, function, and durability are likely at the top of your list. Unfortunately, these needs aren't always met, especially for plus-size folks who seek the same comfort and mobility as anyone else. Modern sofas are characterized by their shallow seating and small surface area, which for smaller folks isn't too much of a problem (and sometimes preferred). Plus-size people are often excluded from this conversation, though, which is why a number of big name, plus-size content creators have taken it upon themselves to seek out the best sofas that are size-inclusive.

There are a number of reasons why people opt for a sofa instead of a regular couch, whether that's to fill a small space or add more character to an empty room. If one is looking for a size-inclusive sofa, though, the factors to recognize are things such as sturdiness, fabric, height, and width. And regardless of whether you identify as plus-size or not, you may want to invest in inclusive furniture that can seat every guest regardless of size. Thanks to some insights from a few of the aforementioned content creators, we've got a few answers on how to get started.

Go with Daybeds by Total Design Co for relaxation and sleep

Daybeds are one of the best ways to achieve a comfortable sofa and sleeping arrangement, all in one. Total Design Co., for example, has a variety of daybed options that consistently have a wide surface area, longer width, and more wow factor than the average sofa. According to food writer and TV host Alyse Whitney, Total Design Co.'s Custom Daybed — made from solid wood and high-density foam — can host multiple people of varying sizes. "I've had the couch now for almost three years and I've had people of all sizes packed onto it," she told Architectural Digest. "It hasn't once felt like it's going to cave in." 

Just like many of us, Whitney's goal is to make sure everyone in her space feels welcome and comfortable. And Total Design Co. also offers lengthened daybed sofas with curved edges, ensuring that taller folks can stretch their legs far and wide. Guero, a gondola-style sofa, is covered with a comfortable velvet fabric that can be tailored to customer's height, weight, and ideal width. For plus-size folks, that means more space to lean back, sprawl out, and maybe even catch a really good nap.

There's also the Yasmin fabric sofa by Kardiel for modernism and tight seating

For those with a more mid-century modern aesthetic in mind, Kardiel's Yasmin Velvet Sofa is crafted with inclusivity and modernism in mind, and it might just be the perfect sofa to revive your living room. The mid-century modern piece is made from velvet cotton fabric that provides a soft surface for multiple people to sit. With a curved back and tight seating, there's also enough surface area for plus-size folks to lean all the way back and comfortably dangle their legs, or sprawl out on the couch. A customer review states that "We and every guest who visits our home loves this sofa," and goes on to describe the product as, in their words, "Well constructed and the Obsidian Velvet is soft and adds a sense of luxury."

While Kardiel's Yasmin Velvet Sofa is one of the most beloved sofas by plus-size customers in general, all of Kardiel's sofas are constructed with a variety of sizes in mind. For example, the Woodrow Box Loveseat has a deep back cushion that can hold multiple people, encased by a wooden box frame that adds a vintage touch to your space.