The Laundry Room Addition You Need To Get Your Clothes Dry The First Time

If you find yourself constantly retrieving still-damp clothes from your dryer, you're probably looking for an effective solution that doesn't involve getting an entirely new machine. Enter a dryer vent booster fan. If you haven't heard of it, this type of fan will improve airflow and ventilation on a larger scale. This brings with it a heap of benefits, including the fact that your clothes will dry faster. Unlike dehumidifiers, which sit in your laundry room for better ventilation, this type of fan is designed to go within your dryer system.

As mentioned, sometimes dryers aren't very good at getting your clothes dry. Long drying times will run up your energy bills, not to mention that cleaning heaps of lint from your dryer is definitely a pain (and can also be dangerous). Booster fans range in price. For example, this system from Fantech costs just over $252. Though it can be an extremely effective solution, not all dryers need a booster fan. Here's all you need to know about the useful laundry room addition so you know if buying one is the right step.

Your clothes could dry in a shorter amount of time

Firstly, a dryer booster fan is really only needed when the exhaust vent attached to your dryer spans more than approximately 25 feet. The longer the vent, the less airflow it receives. This in turn makes the dryer less effective, which then leads to it taking longer to dry your clothes. In addition, a long exhaust vent can cause lint to build up without you even noticing. Over time, the amount of lint stuck in the vent becomes a dangerous fire risk, something you want to avoid. In this case, a booster can help clear the lint and improve airflow so no build-up occurs.

As well as the safety aspect, investing in a booster fan will lower your energy bills due to you being able to put the dryer on for less time. With better airflow, your clothes should dry in a shorter amount of time (provided there are no other problems), saving you money. Finally, in some areas, it's required for you to invest in a dryer booster to meet building code requirements. Overall, buying a booster fan is more than worth it if you have a long exhaust vent or are tired of high energy bills. However, if you have a vent less than 25 feet, it probably isn't worth investing in one and you should look for other solutions if you struggle with clothes not drying properly.