This TikTok-Approved Bamboo Laundry Hamper Is So Stylish You Can Leave It Out

While there is very little stylishness and glamour about laundry, having the right tools, containers, and supplies can be a way to make it, if not fun, at least moderately enjoyable. This includes a laundry hamper or basket that not only holds all the stuff that builds up between washings, but that looks good while doing it. TikTok has been abuzz lately with a very simple and chic bamboo hamper favorite from Walmart that is not only budget-friendly, but perfect for a number of design aesthetics. The Honey Can-Do Bamboo Wicker Square Laundry Hamper may be the key to storing laundry discreetly and with style.

Available for only $30, this square hamper measures 14 x 14 inches wide and 25 inches tall, making it a perfect solution for tight spaces. Made of reusable and sustainable bamboo, it's a far more earth-friendly choice than plastic hampers. Its steel frame makes it just as durable, while a thick canvas removable liner makes it easy to scoop out laundry without digging through it.

Pretty solution for a not-so-pretty task

The bamboo hamper's shape and dimensions are perfect for smaller spaces like bathrooms, hallways, and laundry rooms, where it can tuck more readily into a corner, under a counter, or the inside of a closet than larger oval or rectangular hampers. Their cost-friendliness and compact size mean you can use more than one placed together for a single location, like the laundry room, to create a sorting station for whites, colors, and darks.

The bamboo exterior makes it a good fit with many room styles, where the warm bamboo texture adds another layer of dimensions and hides the clutter of a pile of clothes. From modern farmhouse rooms to vintage style homes, coastal cottages to boho retreats, it will blend in seamlessly amid other furniture and décor, working for rather than against the room's aesthetic. 

While laundry is their specialty, don't overlook other great possibilities for these hampers as storage. Their size makes them perfect as a spot for cute toy storage in a playroom or extra blankets in your living room. In a garage, remove the liner and store sports or lawn equipment in a way much prettier than plastic bins or cans.