HGTV's Jonathan Scott Shows Us A Genius Hidden Toilet Paper Storage Solution

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HGTV's Johnathan Scott is arguably most well-known for his time on the hit reality TV show "Property Brothers," but he has gone on to venture into other home revonation-themed spaces in recent years. Along with starring in various "Property Brothers" spin-offs, Scott shares home design and renovation content on his social media platforms. Scott took to Instagram to repost a fascinating video originally shared to TikTok by user @sarikaernalbant. The clip reveals a smart, space-saving solution to toilet paper storage.

In the video, @sarikaernalban shows how she stacks toilet paper rolls vertically in a small, square-shaped storage space in her bathroom. This may be perfect for those who find toilet paper towers openly displayed in a bathroom unsightly or simply prefer to optimize their bathroom space. Both Scott and @sarikaernalban's followers debated whether this hidden toilet paper solution is worthwhile throughout their comment sections. Some aren't convinced it's the best idea, while others are intrigued by the concept. If you're curious about the logistics of this bathroom design element, you might to happy to know that @sarikaernalban answered a few questions about the storage method in the comment section of her TikTok video.

The toilet paper storage space is larger than it seems

Looking further into @sarikaernalban's original TikTok video, you'll find that the compact toilet paper storage space is built into the wall beside her toilet. Some might say that this storage method is pretty clever because rather than stacking the toilet paper rolls on top of one another, @sarikaernalban adds each roll to the stack from the bottom, which pushes the entire stack of toilet rolls up into the storage space. This reveals that the storage space is larger than it appears at first glance. Although the small square is what is visible to the eye, it seems that there is more vertical space hidden behind the wall.

The unique bathroom design element drew in all sorts of reactions. Many TikTok commenters were concerned that critters could hide in the storage space. Others believed that it could be difficult to determine when your toilet paper supply is running low. "Never knowing if it is one of the last rolls," one user commented. "You always like living on the edge..?!" This caught @sarikaernalban's attention. "You always know when you have the last role [sic]," she replied in the comment section. "You don't hear the rest of the rolls fall anymore, so you're never without." The TikToker also replied to a comment asking how she cleans the storage space. "I can take out the gold element and clean it," she shared. 

How to add a similar toilet paper storage area to your bathroom

If you are interested in how you could snag this toilet paper storage space for your bathroom, you are not alone. A few commenters had the same question. Luckily, @sarikaernalban shared the details of how she had it added to her bathroom. She let a commenter know that the toilet paper storage was purchased and then built and installed by a contractor. If you want a replica of @sarikaernalban's storage area, it seems that you may need to call up a professional.

There are a few similarly discrete toilet paper storage options for those who may not be able to have this storage system professionally installed. This toilet paper storage box from West Elm holds up to 12 rolls, but only one roll is visible at a time. While this storage solution would be placed next to your toilet rather than hidden in the wall, it may be a decent option for renters or anyone who cannot have their bathroom remodeled. There are also quite a few toilet paper storage baskets on Amazon that completely conceal your toilet paper supply. Even Walmart offers several innovative toilet paper storage solutions, including a cylindrical container that allows you to keep your toilet paper tower hidden away but is still easily reachable.