If You See A Magnet On Someone's Locks During Winter, This Is What It Means

Noticing magnets covering locks on front doors and cars might make you curious, but the reason they're there is actually brilliant. When you see a magnet stuck to a lock, it likely means that the person is trying to keep the lock from freezing. In winter, rain and snow can be abundant, and some of that water could end up inside the keyhole of your lock. When temperatures drop, this moisture will freeze and can prevent you from opening the door. By placing a sturdy magnet over the lock, you can prevent water from getting inside, freezing, and expanding.

While this hack can prevent frozen locks, it will only work if the magnet is strong enough to hold itself tightly against the keyhole. The magnet will also need to be large enough to completely cover the opening, otherwise, droplets of water could still make their way inside the lock and wreak havoc. If the magnet is too big though, it might not seal as tightly to the keyhole.

Using a magnet to keep your locks from freezing in winter

If you've struggled with frozen locks on your car or the doors to your home, a simple magnet could be a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix. At Ace Hardware, you can find a pack of four ceramic disc magnets for $4. These round-style magnets are a good choice, as they should be just big enough to cover a keyhole and strong enough not to leave any gaps that could let moisture into your lock.

This easy magnet hack is also convenient because you can move the magnet to the side when unlocking the door and stick it back in place before you go inside your home. If you're using the magnet on your car door, try leaving it on overnight when temperatures are predicted to drop. You can also stick the magnet to your car door when you're driving, or the weather is warmer so you don't lose it.