Pinterest Predicts This Unique Trend To Take Over Kitchens In 2024

In recent years, the design world has seen many trends come and go. Still, as we venture into 2024, Pinterest, the visual discovery engine popular for its trend predictions, forecasts a unique shift in kitchen aesthetics. The name: Kitschens. Root word: kitsch. 

The word 'kitsch' comes from a German word meaning worthless or trashy art. That's quite the term for a new and upcoming trend! However, it couldn't be farther from the truth. What it's trying to say is that eclectics, eccentrics, and retro enthusiasts have finally broken into the mainstream of kitchen design. In fact, searches for these aesthetics have increased by a combined total of 380%, according to Pinterest's analytics.

But why now? In an interview with Better Homes & Gardens, Julia Newman, the founder of Julia Adele Design, explains, "With so many intense things happening in the world, it is no surprise that we are going for kitsch." She expresses something many of us are undoubtedly thinking about: out with the dull and in with the fun.

So, what exactly are some essential elements of such an expressive design? Well, think of this design as a celebration of individuality, sentiment, and history. You want to be bright and bold yet sentimental and nostalgic. The key is to have fun with everything in your kitchen, be it the color palette, appliances, patterns here, or knickknacks there, and when it comes to lighting, make a statement. Think warmth, blending mid-century modern style with thrifted pieces and pastel colors.

How to incorporate kitschen design

If you have warmed up to the chaotic 'kitschen' design trend and want to try it for yourself, there is one crucial element to be considered at all times — balance. Balance refers to the visual weight of the space; the more evenly distributed this weight is, the more harmonious the space will feel. 

For example, if you have vibrant and warm cabinetry, you'll want to balance it with cool and pastel backsplash or wallpaper. But that doesn't mean everything needs to be a color; off-whites will help reflect light, create space, and highlight or elevate the colors that pop.

Next is where the magic happens. Once you have a general idea of how you will balance your space, it's time to start thrifting. Thrifted finds and vintage appliances aren't just décor elements; they're pieces of a story, each with its own history and charm. Items like vintage framed posters, punchy appliances, textured anything! The list is endless. You want to create a space that feels personal, a stark contrast to the feel of minimalist kitchens. 

Moreover, refurbishing and using vintage appliances can be seen as an act of preservation. It's a way to honor the past and bring history into the present. For many, these appliances evoke memories of childhood or simpler times, adding an emotional depth to the kitchen that modern gadgets simply can't match. Look for anything that fills your kitchen with some nostalgic positivity, and be brave with your choices.

No minimalist aesthetic is safe

What's most intriguing about this trend is its complete departure from minimalism. For years, minimalism has reigned supreme in the design world, with its ethos of 'less is more.' But as we enter 2024, it seems that 'more is more' could be the new mantra, at least in the kitchen.

That doesn't mean more waste, however. Thrifting is a sustainable choice. In a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact, repurposing old items is a way to reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new goods. 

This trend should, therefore, be as much about ethical consumption as it is about style. Don't just flip your kitchen. Mix and match what you own already, or get creative and upcycle previous items to work with this exciting style. You can always paint over old canisters and pots or ask your parents for those tablecloths you once thought were hideous.

While Pinterest pinpoints Gen X and Boomers as the primary drivers of this trend, its appeal is not limited to these generations. This eclectic approach to kitchen design has the potential to resonate with younger generations planning to have a home of their own one day.

As we look to the future of kitchen design, it's clear that there's a shift underway. The 'kitschens' predicted by Pinterest for 2024 represent more than just a change in aesthetic preferences. They are a call for us to experiment with our kitchen and break free from the minimalist mold.