The IKEA LACK Table Hack That Will Make Breakfast In Bed That Much Sweeter

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One of the best things about IKEA is that its furniture is so hackable. Whether you're flipping a PAX wardrobe into a custom kitchen pantry or BILLY bookcases into a built-in home bar, its accessible and easy-to-build furniture allows you to make statement pieces on a budget. Another such hack is a custom breakfast-in-bed table made from IKEA's popular LACK table series. The LACK table is a simple square side table that retails for $13 and comes in white, black, or white oak. While a side table doesn't necessarily make you think of a breakfast-in-bed tray, this hack opens up a new world of possibilities. By combining three to four side tables and putting them on wheels, you can slip the rolling table-tray hybrid over the entire width of your bed, essentially bringing your kitchen table to your mattress.

If you love lazing away a Sunday in bed or curling up with a croissant and watching TV in the morning before starting your day, this IKEA DIY hack will help elevate your experience. Rather than precariously balancing plates on duvet covers, wiping away crumbs from your blanket, and wishing you had a stable place to put your coffee mug, this large table will solve all of your problems. To pull it off, you will need the IKEA LACK tables, castor wheels, a power drill, and a few pieces of wood. Here's how to make it. 

How to convert a LACK table into a breakfast-in-bed rolling table

While this DIY is a little more involved than using an Allen wrench to put the prefab IKEA pieces together, you don't need to be a skilled handyperson to pull it off. First, measure the width of your bed. Depending on how big it is, you will need anywhere from three to four LACK tables. To secure the tabletops together, screw 1-by-4s to all four sides of the table, keeping it flush with the topside of the table. On the underside, down the middle (where the table seams meet), screw additional 1-by-4s so the table stays sturdy while suspended over your bed. Then, attach a 1-by-6 to the long side of the table, creating a lip so your dishes don't fall. Paint these pieces so they match the color of your table.

To create legs tall enough to clear the top of your bed, screw two LACK table legs together. Drill one pilot hole at the top of each leg, and use a double-ended screw to attach them. You can get a pack of the screws from Amazon for $6.99. Attach another leg between the two on each end to create an "H," which will stabilize them and keep the table from wobbling. Then, attach RILL caster wheels from IKEA to the legs, and slip the table over your bed.

How to customize the table

While you can leave your table as-is, there are also a ton of creative ways to spruce it up so it matches your bedroom aesthetic better. The easiest way to do so is to paint it a different color. If your bedroom is a maximalist paradise, consider painting it a poppy red or a cheerful yellow. If you prefer neutrals, you can easily paint it gray or tan. Or, if your bedroom is an oasis, consider a calm, light blue. 

It can be tricky to paint IKEA furniture, but all you need to do to make the paint stick is to first lightly sand the tables down to create texture, then roll on a shellac-based primer before adding your paint. This will keep the paint from peeling. Such an example is the B-I-N shellac-based interior primer and sealer, which you can get for $23.48 at Home Depot.

You can also try adding glass to the top of the table to make the setup more waterproof. Coffee and cereal spills happen all the time, so having a glass tabletop can make wiping up messes easier. Since the table is 21 inches wide and 63 inches long (if you combine three tables), you can use the MALM glass top from IKEA, which is 19 inches wide and 63 inches long. Finally, add clear top bumpers to help secure it in place, available on Amazon for $6.99.