The IKEA LACK Shelf That Creates A Stunning Floating TV Stand

Wall-mounted flat-screen televisions are a great way to save space and provide a modern sleekness to your entertainment center. Many homeowners place them above existing larger furniture pieces or fireplaces, since mounted screens can look quite awkward just floating above an empty space. TikTok user @besasocialmedia, however, shows us a solution to that awkward empty space — placing the IKEA LACK shelf below a hanging TV to create a stylish, minimalistic console.

The LACK shelf, which mounts on the wall with metal hardware and floats without any visible brackets, can make the television area more of a focal point in the room. However, it does not take up any space on the floor, which could be excellent for small spaces where a full console isn't desired or possible. The configuration draws the eye upward but also creates more of a balanced look. The shelf provides a surface for TV accessories like a sound bar or additional decor. Even better, the LACK shelf is only around $25-$40 depending on size, which means it's a budget-friendly alternative to costly entertainment consoles. 

A sleek and minimalist TV console

TikTok's @besasocialmedia installs the shelf by using drywall brackets to screw the metal rail against the wall, then screws the floating shelf on from underneath. Discussion in the comments field reinforces the suggestion to make sure to screw the mounting rail into the wall studs, which provides a more secure hold, particularly if you place heavier objects on the shelf. If that's not going to work, you can also use heavy-strength drywall anchors. 

The shelf, which measures 10 ¼ inches wide, comes in two sizes — a 43 ¼ inch and a 74 ¾ inch version – so it will fit a variety of televisions and spaces. It comes in natural, black, and white finishes. If your storage needs are more robust, try adding additional shelves toward the floor which can provide space for more technology and media. For a larger focal point, the Lack system also features a vertically oriented stacked shelf, which is perfect for adding to either side of the TV as a space for storage and decor. It also mounts on the wall and doesn't take up valuable floor space.