Our Design Experts Predict These Will Be The Trendiest Carpet Colors For 2024

Any room's carpet color is a crucial factor in setting the tone of a space, and for 2024, our experts have delved into color psychology and emerging design trends to predict the trendiest carpet colors. From soothing neutrals to bold statement hues, these colors cater to diverse styles and moods. Whether you prefer to be inspired by nature, urban landscapes, or culture, these carpet colors offer a canvas for creativity and relaxation.

In a House Digest exclusive, our experts unveil the top carpet colors for 2024, providing insights into their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and potential applications in different design schemes. Whether you seek serenity, a bold statement, or balance, the experts' curated selection of trendiest carpet colors will guide and inspire you. If you are planning to redesign your home's floors, or are just curious about what's en vogue, our design experts predict these will be the trendiest carpet colors for 2024.

Nature-inspired shades will find their footing this year

In 2024, plenty of folks will want to bring a more natural feel into their homes through their carpet colors. "I think earth's natural color palette will be the foundation of our home decor in a big way this coming year," Color Expert Amy Wax shared in an exclusive interview with House Digest. "If you are looking for a bolder statement, a warm taupe, chocolate browns, charcoal grays, or blend of earthy colors, will add depth or natural warmth to your space," she continued.

The reason more people are seeking out these colors is the desire to create a relaxing nest at home. "I see these colors are being more trendy because the colors of nature bring a sense of calmness and comfort which we are all longing for these days, leaving behind the cooler grays of previous years," Wax shared. By choosing ‌Nature-inspired shades, your home won't feel like a sterile office building or shopping mall — instead, it will be a cozy, curated space that you will always look forward to relaxing in with your loved ones. Earthy shades also tend to be great options for hiding dirt, so if you have a busy house, they are your perfect match.

You will see quiet colors like tans, warm whites, and greiges everywhere

There is another 2024 trend option for those who want to create a peaceful atmosphere in their homes — the quiet color. "For carpeting, quieter colors like tans, warm whites or greiges will set the stage for a warm and soothing environment," Wax told us. But what exactly is a greige, anyway? Greige is a fun combination word for the new popular neutral color which mixes the best qualities of beige and gray. It can work in both cool and warm color schemes, with the ratio of beige to gray determining the warmth or coolness of the greige. It's popular as consumers no longer have to choose between the two colors. They can have both!

The best part about these colors is that they are so "remarkably versatile, so we can decorate with them creating a quieter space or add a little contrast creating a rich and cozy space we'd love to come home to!" explained Wax. For example, a warm white against louder furniture is anything but neutral and can provide the visual distinction needed for a unique space. However, a greige carpet, when paired with similarly-colored textiles in other parts of the room, is the perfect vibe for a relaxing nook.

People will opt for coastal blues to create relaxed spaces

The "Coastal Grandmother" aesthetic took social media by storm in 2023. The trend was started by TikTok star Lex Nicoleta, who described it as a blend of the best of Martha Stewart's home, every Nancy Meyers movie ever, and the feel of the beach house you grew up visiting in the 1990s. Fans of the trend were quick to incorporate the whimsical rattan-heavy style, and in 2024 its influence is quickly spreading. "We have seen that coastal blues are emerging as another popular choice for carpeting – ranging from Storm Cloud SW 6249 to lighter options such as North Star SW 6246," Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, told House Digest in an exclusive interview. "Both give that soft breezy feeling that captures the essence behind coastal living."

The best part is that you don't need to live anywhere near the ocean to reap the full benefits of this blue-grey style. You can install these coastal blues to create a refreshing, beach-inspired vibe anywhere in the country. Plus, these colors are easy to fit into your existing home design, so if you replace your carpet — you don't have to replace the rest of your furniture and textiles, too.

Earth tones like dark greens and terracotta gain popularity in creating balanced spaces

If you only plan to renovate a room or two, the trend in 2024 is to consider a more natural approach. "There has also been indicators that both warm and cool earth tones are trendy choices for 2024," Wadden told us. "Deep complex greens, ranging from Rosemary SW 6187 to more mossy/olive tones such as Palm Leaf SW 7735 can provide that calming feeling of the outdoors." However, if your personal style leans more towards invigorating colors rather than relaxing ones, Wadden has another suggestion "Warmer options (that give a more retro 70s vibe) include terra-cotta and caramels ranging from Rookwood Terra Cotta SW 2803 to Antiquarian Brown SW 0045, these muted earth tones should be used as a dramatic, focal point of the space and not necessarily used everywhere throughout the home," she said.

As many of us spent the years of the COVID-19 pandemic inside our homes, as the world opens up, we want to explore more of the world — but also cultivate the things from outside that we miss in our own spaces. "As the neutrals continue to rein in popularity, earth tones have gained momentum due to the need for that connection to nature and to bring a sense of individuality to the home," shared Wadden.

Neutral colors will never go entirely out of style

In the design world, some things are popular year after year because they are tried and true classics. For carpeting, this trend is the ever-in-vogue neutral shades of flooring. "Neutral colors are still popular in both warm and cool shades, and depending on the foot traffic, both dark and light values continue to be popular solutions," Wadden advised. Luckily, she also explained the different applications of the color, so you can get the most value out of your investment. "A bedroom, for example, would probably look best in a lighter carpet color. While a heavily trafficked hallway carpet would perform well and look great in a darker color range."

In 2024, however, neutral colors are sticking around out of more than just tradition. "These trends are sustainability-driven," Wadden said. "This style encompasses a variety of neutrals in subdued or muted tones, the emphasis will be on the actual material and the natural beauty of it, imperfections, and all." People are more likely to focus on the material, as well as the color, to ensure it is ethical and good for the earth. Pure wool is an environmentally responsible choice as well as jute/sisal/cork – all capture those natural neutrals in a range of tones, ranging from Malabar SW 9110, Woven Wicker SW 9104 to Saddle Up SW 9099," explained Wadden.