Free-Up Bathroom Counter Space With A Paper Towel Holder From The Dollar Tree

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If you're looking for items to declutter in your bathroom, you might find that some toiletries are an absolute must. But, what happens when you have limited counter space and need to house a variety of personal care products? Before you go searching for expensive shelves to stash your toiletries, TikTok user @hometalk has an incredible hack for your storage woes, using nothing more than a Dollar Tree paper towel holder, two wire baskets, zip ties, glue, and spray paint. The wire baskets are secured to the paper towel holder to create a storage basket tower that can hold all your bathroom essentials. Not only will you exercise your creativity with this DIY, but the result is a custom, colorful storage solution for less than $20.  

The Dollar Tree sells round wire baskets for $1.25. They also sell paper towel holders and zip ties. And, you'll need spray paint to make this custom storage rack one of a kind. Although you can keep this project as-is, a little spray paint helps you infuse pops of color into your bathroom, tying this DIY storage basket tower into something that matches your home's aesthetic. In @hometalk's video, a showstopping gold is used, but the sky's the limit with color choices for this amazing project.

Assemble your Dollar Tree products

According to @hometalk, purchase two round wire baskets in white, as this neutral color is easy to cover with paint. Next, grab a pair of wire cutters. If you don't have wire cutters, you can use pliers. Make an oval-shaped opening in the middle of each wire basket's bottom, large enough for your paper towel holder to slide through. Your first wire basket will sit flush against your paper towel holder's base. 

Next, attach one zip tie about midway on either side of the metal towel rack, trimming the edges. This prevents your second basket from sliding down. Add your second basket, gluing it in place. The best glue for a project like this is E6000, which costs $9.50 and is available for purchase on Amazon. For a gold finish, use Rust-Oleum all-purpose metallic spray paint, also available on Amazon for $12.99. The glue takes about 72 hours to completely cure, and spray paint can take upward of eight hours to dry, so hold off before adding toiletries. 

According to one of the comments on TikTok, you can also use this hack to increase counter space in a small kitchen. When housing food items, however, skip the spray paint, as it most likely isn't food-grade. But, you can use this convenient storage hack in your pantry, under your sink, and even in your bedroom. If you want a slightly different look, simply swap these baskets out with rectangular ones, available at Dollar Tree for $1.25.