TikTok Shows Off Affordable Drawer Dividers That Will Revolutionize Your Storage

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From trinkets and toiletries to socks and undergarments, drawers can quickly accumulate clutter. Not only does this waste time when looking for an item, but it can lead to squandered drawer space. The same goes for closets and other storage areas. Thankfully, you can organize your items with nothing more than an adjustable four-piece drawer divider, as shown on TikTok. And the best part? This drawer divider set is completely affordable and customizable, which means it fits a wide variety of drawers and can accommodate a myriad of objects. As such, it's one of the best ways to organize your dresser drawers, kitchen drawers, bathroom storage space, and more. 

These drawer dividers retail on Amazon for $7.89 and are made of flexible plastic. They're strong enough to add a layer of organization to your messy drawers but thin enough for cutting. They're made of polypropylene plastic, a common food-grade plastic. This means you can use them in the kitchen without worrying about what they're coming into contact with. Measuring 2.7 inches high, they fit in most drawers. Since they're only 2 millimeters thick, you can easily trim them to size using a good pair of scissors. No matter what space needs straightening up, these drawer organizers can help. You can even use them in your home office to keep work supplies neat and in order. 

Cut your drawer dividers to size

The old adage is true: measure twice, cut once. Otherwise, you might make your drawer dividers smaller than needed. After you measure your drawer, insert the plastic dividers and connect them. According to a video shared by @mktrade.bh on TikTok, simply attach easily thanks to their built-in "tabs." You can make each section as big or as small as you like, creating individual cubies for a variety of items. These drawer dividers are great if you have tiny baby items to organize or an abundance of personal care products. If you have disorganized kitchen cabinets, you can purchase plastic bins and use these drawer dividers to organize cups, storage containers, and more. The same goes for messy cooking utensils. Additionally, if you're an avid crafter and have art supplies in need of organization, then this hack is a great solution. 

If you're someone who appreciates a decorative shelf and drawer liner, then don't hesitate to decorate these drawer dividers using contact paper. Once the decorative adhesive paper is installed, you'll need to trim around each tab, allowing the drawer dividers to interlock. If you have multiple drawers in need of tidying up, you can purchase these dividers in bulk. For example, Amazon sells a 32-pack for $25.99, and it comes in blue or pink. Whenever you reorganize your drawers, simply unhook the drawer dividers and reconfigure them to meet your needs. Although you can't always prevent clutter from accumulating in your home, you can take fast, affordable steps toward keeping your space organized, and this hack is a great example of how to do so.