Why The IKEA VIHALS Series Is Perfect For Adding Extra Storage To Your Closet

Figuring out the best way to organize your closet can be tricky when you don't have much space to neatly store your items. If you have more clothes than your closet can handle, there is no need to downsize your wardrobe to solve this problem. That's because there are many organization solutions to create extra storage in your closet, especially if you make a trip to your local IKEA. The IKEA VIHALS series consists of many sleek storage options that are perfect for expanding your closet space.

You can choose one piece from the series, such as the four-drawer chest, or purchase a few different options to mix and match and build your own set. For example, the series' 10-shelf shelving unit pairs well with the larger shelving combination if you are looking to line a closet wall with extra shelves.

Some options from the IKEA VIHALS series, including the coffee table and the bedside table, even include wheels so you can easily move them around. Although you may not think a coffee or bedside table belongs in a closet, these two pieces include lots of storage shelving and could easily double as closet storage. The versatile IKEA VIHALS series pieces might be the solution to your unorganized closet problem.

TikTok loves the IKEA VIHALS series

The IKEA VIHALS series is garnering plenty of attention online. User @dejajanea shared a TikTok of her experience unboxing and assembling the IKEA VIHALS series storage unit, which includes one covered cabinet, two covered drawers, and four uncovered shelves. IKEA suggests placing unsightly cords and decorative lighting behind the closed storage section, but this would be a great space to store pretty much anything you don't want to be seen.

As for how @dejajanea used the space, she doesn't show what went in the covered storage half, but she placed hats and other accessories on the open shelving side. The TikTok creator shared that she lives in a studio apartment, which suggests that the IKEA VIHALS series storage unit is perfect for similarly small spaces.

Although @dejajanea lives in a small space, she explained that she actually has two large closets. Still, her storage unit is a great way to organize closet items that cannot be placed on hangers. The TikTok creator also mentioned that she's easily able to hide the unit away, placing the entire storage unit against the closet's back wall and simply shutting her closet doors to conceal it.

Other options in the IKEA VIHALS series

The IKEA VIHALS series storage unit is a great compact storage solution for those with small closets, but this line also offers much more. The VIHALS series two-door wardrobe will appeal to those who don't have a closet at all or would simply like to add storage to their space. This piece is priced at $349.99. It offers shelving on one side of the wardrobe and a small clothing rack and top shelf on the other side. The clothing rack can be placed at two different heights. The most notable feature of this piece is arguably the narrow mirror that sits between the wardrobe doors. Depending on your space, it should be long enough to get a head-to-toe view of your outfit before you head out the door.

If you are looking for an option that is compact but will still allow you to put items like shoes or bags on display, the VIHALS series shelving unit with six shelves could be a good fit. It is priced at $179.00. You can even place lights on the underside of larger shelves to bring attention to your displayed pieces. Some shelves also include holes at the back so you can display a lamp or other decorative item you wish to plug into a wall. Two of the six shelves in this product are customizable.