TikTok Is Going Nuts Over The IKEA ENETRI Shelf, But There's One Big Problem

IKEA furniture can save the day when you're putting a room together. The products can be affordable and well-designed, making them an easy choice for any home project. They are generally versatile and relatively easy to assemble, which can offer customers a lot of agency when making their design plans a reality. In the DIY home decor world, people are always exchanging tips about products they love, and that's how the vintage IKEA ENETRI shelf took over TikTok. The open shelf is a unique unit that can be used in any space, but it has been discontinued for years and has people going to great lengths to find one for themselves.

IKEA is home to many iconic pieces. According to the IKEA website, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere every five seconds. The BILLY has taken over the world due to its versatility and there are endless ideas of how to use the bookcase in every room of the house. In the same spirit, the ENETRI is another beloved piece — at least, according to various TikToks — but since it's from the 1980s, obtaining it requires a bit of effort.

Details about the discontinued IKEA ENETRI shelf

This TikTok shows how easy it is to assemble the ENETRI shelf. All that's required is passing the boards through the metal structure. You can fasten the assembled unit to the wall, but it can stand on its own with no issue. This shelf can be used in spaces like the living room, bedroom, or media room, and can be decorated in various ways. The shelf is approximately 66 inches in width and 62 inches in height.

When asked about the shelf in her living room, TikTok user hannakl.com talked about finding her ENETRI on Facebook Marketplace in Sweden for the equivalent of about $20. She then painted over the natural wood shelves in a soft blue so it fit her decor better. Because it's a vintage piece sold second-hand, the price varies widely for this product. Some people have paid more than $900 for the shelf on online marketplaces while others have gotten it for free. When looking for rare items like these, you have to know where to search.

How to look for the ENETRI shelf

Finding discontinued pieces, furniture or otherwise, can be a bit challenging, but the Internet is your friend. Online markets like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist are great resources. Sellers often list all kinds of items and you might be able to find what you're looking for. Visit physical stores as well. Thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, and estate sales carry all types of products and you might catch a lucky break. With both online and in-person stores, check and visit frequently because new things are always coming in.

Keep in mind that sellers don't always know what they're selling. There are many reasons that people sell online and their top priority might be just getting rid of an item, so it can just boil down to luck. This also means you need to be flexible in your searches. Instead of looking up "IKEA ENETRI" or "ENETRI," you can just look up "IKEA shelf" or "shelf" with other simple keywords because the seller might not know the name or brand. You should also search outside your neighborhood, city, or even country. You might find it somewhere else and then get it shipped to you.