HGTV's Jenn Todryk Shares The Secret To Finding Budget-Friendly, Quality Wall Art

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We often think of wall art as the finishing touch in our interior design, but if you really want to lean into the idea of having an art-filled home, you're going to want to put it at the forefront. Unfortunately for the budget-conscious, finding trendy wall art for every room of your house can take a toll on your finances and cause you to go over your budget. Luckily, some great designers have shared solutions to this problem, including Jenn Todryk of HGTV's "No Demo Reno," who loves finding inexpensive ways to decorate. In doing so, she has found some great budget-friendly wall art that is gorgeous and high quality. Her secret? Amazon.

As Todryk notes in an Instagram, "art doesn't have to be expensive but it IS very hard to find good quality art that is affordable." She recommends Amazon as the best place to find the right art for less. But before you log into your Amazon app, make sure you are paying attention to two important things: quality and size.

How to find great art on Amazon

Amazon can be amazing and frustrating all at once, especially when it comes to searching for quality home decor. When it comes to art, finding something beautiful can be tricky and when you add in framing, the price can skyrocket very quickly. Jenn Todryk recommends looking for art that is not pixelated and in a size that is at least 24 x 36. She recommends a few options on her Amazon storefront, including this wilderness modern art framed canvas for $65.99, this winter storm framed canvas for $75.99, and this country farmhouse forest framed print for $65.99.

Todryk also recommends looking for wall art that resembles an actual painting, as you can see from her above recommendations. If you are looking to decorate a smaller room, like a bathroom or bedroom, you can go a bit smaller, but keep the painted and pixelation aspects in mind. Todryk recommends options like this framed vintage wall art for $15.59 and this seaside path wilderness art for $13.69.

Other places to find quality, inexpensive wall art

Amazon isn't the only place designers go to find some great wall art options for less. If you want to find incredibly affordable art for your space, look to local artists. You can search their websites or contact them directly via their social media sites. If they aren't quite popular yet, you are likely to score a great deal on a special, one-of-a-kind piece of art. If you want to venture out of your house, consider looking at your local thrift stores or hitting up a neighborhood garage sale.

But if you don't have the time or patience to hunt for the right art, the internet is still going to be your best friend for finding inexpensive wall art. Support independent artists without breaking your budget by looking at places like ArtFinder and Etsy, both of which offer some truly awesome pieces for less. We love this acrylic painting from ArtFinder for $44 and this vintage wildflower field art from Etsy for $80. You can also look at other sites like Minted and 1stdibs.