This Hot 2024 Bathroom Trend Will Make Your Space Stand Out

Bathroom design trends have come and gone throughout the years. Wood-paneled walls were popular in the '70s but are rarely seen in modern bathrooms. Muted lighting could be found in many bathrooms in the '90s, but bright white LED lights are a favorite among numerous homeowners and designers these days. While the popularity of bathroom design elements is often only temporary, some trends undergo a resurgence. Terrazzo tile falls into this category because it has become hot once again in 2024.

Terrazzo tile was first created in 15th-century Venice, Italy, by construction workers who placed leftover marble fragments in a clay mortar base, according to The National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association. This left them with an inexpensive flooring material that they used to build their own terraces. The epoxy-based terrazzo that you are likely more familiar with became mainstream in the '60s and continued to maintain popularity throughout the '70s. Its recent resurgence could be because it is relatively inexpensive compared to similar flooring options. Terrazzo tile is also durable and long-lasting. With so many benefits, you might wonder why terrazzo tile ever went out of style in the first place. Now that the design trend is popular again, you may consider installing it to revamp your bathroom.

It is no surprise that terrazzo tile made a comeback

Terrazzo tile is a great way to add color to your bathroom, but you can also choose to go neutral. It is super versatile because manufacturers have the flexibility to use shards from stone, shell, or glass. These materials come in a variety of colors and textures, so they can be mixed and matched to create the look you want.

Compared to other flooring materials, terrazzo tile is the perfect choice for bathrooms. It is water-resistant and not easily damaged, thanks to the way it is made. The shiny shards you see in terrazzo tile are typically sealed in cement or epoxy resin. This makes it durable and difficult to scratch. As a result, restaurants, retailers, and other commercial buildings often opt for terrazzo tile flooring. In fact, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was reportedly one of the first locations to use terrazzo tiling.

Another benefit of terrazzo tile is that it doesn't require an extensive cleaning process. It is recommended to simply mop or wipe the material with a neutral pH cleanser and warm water. As previously mentioned, terrazzo tile is one of the more affordable flooring options. Marble, for example, costs more to install and care for. It must also be polished frequently as it is vulnerable to scratches and other damage. Terrazzo tile eliminates these worries.

Things to consider when planning terrazzo tile installation

If you've been convinced to upgrade your bathroom with this 2024 terrazzo tile trend, your next step may be to figure out how to add it to your space. There are a few things to consider before making the switch. You may be excited to begin searching flooring stores for the perfect terrazzo tile color combination and pattern for your bathroom. Don't forget to measure your bathroom floor beforehand so that you know exactly how much tile you will need to purchase. This will help you manage your budget and avoid having to make extra purchases or returns. 

You should also evaluate what kind of subfloor you have beneath your existing bathroom flooring. Terrazzo tile must be installed on top of concrete. You will have to install a concrete subfloor if you do not already have one in your bathroom. This may make your re-flooring project a bit more complicated than anticipated if you do not consider this extra step during the planning process. Finally, remember that the terrazzo tile must sit for a day after it is installed before it can be grouted, sealed, and completed. Make sure to plan accordingly because you will not be able to walk across your bathroom floor for a while. These precautions should hopefully make the terrazzo tile installation process a bit smoother.