Why A Ladder Is The Storage Solution You Need In The Bathroom

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Bulky, chunky cabinets and dressers can be an eyesore in the bathroom, especially in a tight space, so you need storage solutions that are open and slim. A ladder is one item you can use to organize your bathroom because it allows you to take advantage of vertical space and can be customized to give you the specific compartments you need.

Start by selecting a sturdy and appropriately sized ladder that will fit well in your bathroom without overwhelming the space. You can buy readymade products, have them custom-made, or DIY. Then, choose the right spot for it. Bathroom ladders can rest on the wall over the toilet, next to the sink, next to the shower, or in a corner. There are also freestanding ladder shelves that offer more stability. Once you have the ladder in place, you can load it up. You can use it just as a towel rack, or you use it to store towels as well as toilet paper and other bathroom essentials either in baskets or directly on it.

Ladder shelves are very versatile

The bathroom ladder featured in this TikTok is wide with two rungs where different types of baskets can be attached. The customer said the product was versatile because she got to choose the baskets she wanted and they came as clip-ons, allowing her to use the ladder in different ways. You can also choose the right height for you. The UTEX ladder shelf comes with either three or four tiers depending on how much storage you need and how much space you have for it. The two types are sold at Walmart for $60 and $80.

If you want a more standard product, you can get one like the freestanding 4-tier RiverRidge Home ladder shelf which comes with two storage bins included. It costs $110.69 at Target. If you want to design your own unique system, match a plain decorative ladder with some hanging baskets with hooks at the back in the size and amount that you need. You might want one or two large bins to put different items in, for example, or choose multiple tiny ones to properly separate your items. Decorating your ladder shelf will help a lot with the aesthetics of your bathroom as it is a great place to display plants, flowers, and your stylish product bottles.