8 Dollar Tree Products That Will Keep Your Laundry Room Organized & Tidy

Laundry — it's a necessary chore that most people don't really enjoy. But if your laundry room is tidy and attractive, it can make doing the laundry a more pleasant task. On top of that, a well-organized space allows you to keep supplies within easy reach, making laundry-day chores go by faster. With Dollar Tree products, you can turn your laundry room into a pleasant and efficient work space without spending a bundle of money. In fact, you can accomplish a makeover for only a few dollars with these budget-friendly ideas to organize your laundry room.

Create a visually interesting and organized environment by removing laundry detergent and supplies from their original packaging and placing them in handsome containers like Dollar Tree jars and baskets. With a little ingenuity, you can use inexpensive Dollar Tree items to fashion handy tools such as a wall-hanging organizer or a door-hanging laundry hamper. See how Dollar Tree products can help you boost efficiency and create a laundry room you'll want to spend more time in.

Organize your laundry room by storing detergent and additives in clear glass jars

Your laundry room will look more organized if you store the detergent, softener, and additives in nice-looking glass jars. Dollar Tree has tons of glass jars with metal lids in multiple sizes and shapes. For example, there's the 29.75-ounce glass jar with stainless steel lid and the 18-ounce lattice pattern glass jar, as well as many other options. 

When you purchase laundry supplies, empty the contents into the glass jars and dispose of the packaging. Your laundry room will look sleeker and cleaner. To remove powdered soap from a jar without spilling it everywhere, use a Dollar Tree plastic scoop

Color-coordinated plastic baskets hold multiple laundry-room staples

Many people use the laundry room to store cleaning supplies along with laundry-care items. On open shelves, the hodgepodge of containers can look messy and disorganized. Solve this problem with color-matching plastic baskets like these tall rectangular slotted baskets  or rectangular plastic weave baskets from Dollar Tree.

Group like items together in the baskets. For example, store laundry detergent in one basket and multi-purpose cleaners in a different one. Then, attach labels to the ends to quickly identify the contents of each basket.

Create a wall-hanging organization system with stick-on hooks

Dollar Tree DIYs can help you maximize wall storage in your laundry room. This TikTok video demonstrates how you can fashion a handy organization center. Start with removable wall hooks and a metal cooling rack. Then, attach a couple of narrow, plastic boxes like the Essentials plastic fridge storage bins to the rack. 

Hang the rack next to your washer and dryer to store items such as laundry detergent pods, spot-remover pens, and clothespins. With this wall-hanging system, you'll be able to free up space on your countertops and shelves. 

Dollar Tree candy jars are ideal for keeping laundry pods close at hand

Tidy up your laundry room by storing detergent pods in clear containers. Dollar Tree carries clear plastic candy jars with lids. They look like the old-fashioned candy jars from the country stores of yesteryear. The 80-ounce size measures approximately 8.6 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 5.7 inches long, providing ample space for detergent pods. 

By storing the pods in a candy jar, you can make your laundry room look more organized. But if you have small children, be aware that the top of the jar is easily removable, so it'd be best to store the jar well out of reach.

Keep your laundry room tidy by depositing lint in this labeled bin

Make a habit of removing the lint from your dryer after every load and placing it in a labeled "Lint" bin. Start with a Dollar Tree bin like the 7-quart waste basket and add poster letter stickers to designate its purpose. 

Use a felt-tip pen to add a decorative stripe around the top, and hang the bin on the wall with removable hooks. The wall-hanging bin does not take up room on your countertop or shelves, so it's a perfect space-saving solution. But it serves as a reminder to clean the dryer lint.

Store towels neatly in this 7-pocket organizer from Dollar Tree

You can organize clean towels and microfiber cloths with an affordable Dollar Tree find. Once you take your clean towels and sponges out of the dryer, use this 7-pocket organizer to store them. It's made of a heavyweight mesh and measures 14.17 inches in length by 6.69 inches in width by 4.72 inches high.

After all your items are stored in the 7-pocket organizer, you can pop the entire unit into your cleaning closet for easy access.

Small pails catch those messy laundry detergent drips

It's handy to dispense liquid detergent from a container with a faucet-style spout. But with this type of container, you frequently get drips that create a mess on the surfaces below. To solve the problem, you can hang small plastic pails from the Dollar Tree on the dispenser taps.

Store the caps from the laundry detergent bottles inside the pails, and use them for measuring and pouring the liquid detergent into your washing machine. For a decorative touch, you can embellish the plastic pails with jute twine, using hot glue

Make a DIY hanging laundry hamper from Dollar Tree items

Laundry day is easier and more organized if each family member has their own laundry hamper hanging on the back of their door. You can make a door-hanging hamper using an over-the-door hook, a wreath ring, and a pillowcase, all from the Dollar Tree.

Fold back the open end of the pillowcase over the wire wreath ring and tuck it in. Then, hang it on the over-the-door hook. On laundry day, it's easy to just grab the pillowcase full of dirty clothes and carry it to the laundry room.