The IKEA PAX Hack That Will Light Up Your World Every Time You Visit Your Closet

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If you want some ambient lighting with minor installation hassle, then you may wonder what your best options are. If you're stuck like glue for ideas, then a hack by @beccafoster.x on TikTok could be just what you're looking for, showing how you can utilize motion sensor lights to your IKEA PAX wardrobe system and give the illusion of a high-end upgrade, for a fraction of the cost of a professional service. Not only is this a great way to save a few bucks, making it the ideal solution for anyone on a budget, but it will also save you from having to flick a light switch every time. Instead, these nifty lights will turn on when they sense your presence — clever, eh? 

Not only does this relieve a bit of effort on your eyes every time you grab your garments from your wardrobe, but they're also incredibly easy to build in yourself, reducing potential labor costs. This makes this hack achievable for anywhere under $40, depending on your wardrobe size. Not to mention, it's an incredibly small change to achieve a luxurious look. Now, all you have to do is try it out for yourself!

Purchase motion sensor lights from Temu

To try this hack for yourself, you'll want to grab some motion sensor lights from Temu, which are available for $2.78 per piece. Depending on which ones you go for, they can come in a wide range of prices — for example, you can buy a pack of them off Temu for $19.99. How many you buy will boil down to the size of your wardrobe, so it's best to note down the amount you'll need, for example, one per compartment. When you have them on hand, simply test that each one works and attach them above your clothing rails or at the top of each wardrobe compartment, ensuring they're nice and secure so they don't fall off. 

The depth of which you place them will be up to you, depending on what effect you want to create. If you want them to be less noticeable or have a more "ambient" effect, then you may want to secure them further back. Once you're done, simply walk past and check they're working (they should come on when they sense you're nearby). Not only will this be useful if you're walking into your wardrobe during the later hours of the evening so you can see your clothes better, but it will also create a nice lighting effect during the day, giving it more of a "high-end" feel.

You will have to re-charge some products

Depending on your product, you may have to recharge your motion sensor lights after a while. While you may not mind doing so, some people may find this off-putting and won't want the extra hassle, especially of reinstalling them every time, so it's one caveat to keep in mind. If you're not a fan of this idea, you could always choose to install some strip LED lighting, such as these warm strip lights off Amazon for $35.99, provided your wardrobe is near a power socket. However, if you want to stick with the motion sensor idea but want something more discreet than a bulky panel, opt for these battery-operated sensor ones for $32.99 from Amazon.

The reason why this hack works is because the lighting helps to add a lavish touch while also making it easier to see your clothes, especially if your closet space isn't very bright (not to mention it's also a great way to show off your clothes!) As a result of using this trick, you should be able to achieve a luxurious result for a fraction of the cost. Even if you don't have an IKEA PAX unit, you could still try it out in your wardrobe to elevate its appearance. Just make sure you measure the dimensions beforehand so you can re-model your closet effectively.