5 Ways To Remodel Your Closet To Look Like A Mini Boutique

Does your closet look like an uninviting storage space instead of a chic boutique? If so, there are a couple of modifications you can implement to take your closet from boring and fill it with personality. There are smaller changes that can be made, like adding décor and furnishings or more permanent installations like an island and shoe wall. Your closet is filled with your clothes, so it should be customized to your needs and taste. Visiting boutiques is a good idea to get some inspiration, but in the end, the finishings you choose should fit your décor style.

Before any of these changes can be made, you need to organize your closet. A boutique wouldn't have shirts, pants, and dresses mixed together; neither should your closet. Clothing should be managed by style and then can be sub-categorized by color. To keep everything looking neat, The Baer Minimalist recommends using the same hangers throughout your closet. The same can be done with drawer organizers; that way, everything looks uniform.

1. Add an island

Adding an island will take your closet up a notch if you have the space, so we highly recommend it. Closet islands scream luxury and have many different uses. Though their primary use is to add more valuable storage space for items like jewelry, watches, scarfs, underwear, and t-shirts. What you choose to put in your island storage is up to you — the options are endless during customization. Depending on your clothing, jewelry collection, and other personal items, you can decide how many large or small drawers you need. 

Closet islands also create valuable counter space, which can be used as a display for décor or for everyday tasks like folding and organizing laundry. According to European Cabinets and Design Studios, closet islands can also be equipped with outlets to charge electronics like smartwatches and phones. Closet islands are pieces that look good and serve a purpose.

2. Create a shoe wall

Creating a shoe wall will take disorganized shoe racks and turn them into a boutique display. The trick is to find a chic way to display your shoes. Instead of using flimsy fabric shoe racks, consider installing wall shelves or even bookcases. These fixtures complement the boutique-style because they tie in with the other elements to highlight the shoes. In order to execute this look, you need to match any new frames or bookcases to the finishes already in your closet. Don't install black bookcases if you have a cherry wood closet island and shelves. If you don't want to install something permanently, you can use a shoe rack, but make sure it fits the style of the space.

When putting your shoes on the shelves, they will look best if they are organized by style and color. Shoes of similar types should be collected together and then grouped by color. Storing your shoes in this way looks good and will preserve your shoe's shape, according to My Chic Obsession.

3. Add décor and personalize it

Turning your closet into a mini boutique doesn't have to involve expensive custom features. Adding décor is an easy way to make your closet mimic this style. Before adding more stuff to this space, it is best to make sure that your clothes and accessories are organized; that way, it won't look cluttered with even more items in it. The goal of adding décor to your closet is to give it personality and have it not look like a storage room.

If you have enough space in your closet, adding a chair, ottoman, or bench will add to the look of the room and give you a place to sit and wear your shoes or for friends to sit while getting ready for a night out. Installing an ornate full-length mirror is another piece that looks good and serves a purpose, via My Chic Obsession. Rugs will add to the room's design without taking up much space. Hanging up art pieces or prints is also good to make your closet look like a boutique. Boutiques usually have art that has to do with fashion or designers, but feel free to choose the type of art that you like.

4. Install statement light fixtures

The lighting in a closet is very important. Boutiques use a lot of lighting so their customers can see the products. If you want your closet to look like a boutique, you will need more than one ceiling light in the middle of the room. Installing a couple of LED lights above sections of your closet will add supplemental lighting, making your closet appear bigger and effortless to find outfits. Sticking LED lights is more straightforward than installing recessed lighting, and you can even choose motion sensor LED lights.

Selecting a statement light fixture is a great way to step up the look of your closet. Elle Decor recommends choosing a chandelier if you are going for a luxurious boutique look. However, choose whatever light fixture best fits your personal style. This could mean installing any kind of pendant light in place of a crystal chandelier. 

5. Display your favorite pieces

Putting your favorite pieces on display is a great way to take up extra shelf space. Boutiques create looks to entice buyers into purchasing items, and you can replicate this. You can use your favorite pieces or create a lookbook of memorabilia. One way to do this would be by styling your wedding shoes beside a framed photo from the wedding. That way, whenever you go into your closet, you can view them instead of hiding them in a storage box.

Displaying designer purses is also popular. To help them keep their shape while sitting on your shelves alongside their shopping bags, The Baer Minimalist recommends stuffing them with their dust bags or newspaper. Boots on your shoe wall can also benefit from being stuffed with shoe inserts or rolled-up magazines. Another way to display your purses is with hooks on your wall. To keep the room looking cohesive, use hooks that match the hardware in your closet. These hooks can also be used to hang hats.