TikTok Is In Love With IKEA's Selection Of Glass Jar Organizers & It's Clear Why

Attractive storage can be an important element in any home, particularly the kind that is visible in places like bathrooms and kitchens. While IKEA specializes in many different kinds of organizational pieces, TikTok users have recently been singing the praises of their collection of glass jars and canisters, which provide beautiful and functional storage solutions at a budget-friendly price. IKEA's website and stores feature a wealth of glass jar solutions, but the IKEA 365+ line of products line stands out for its adaptability and ease of use, with various sized and shaped jars all using the same size lid. 

Not only that, but there are several lid designs available that fit the various-sized jars, including clear glass, pale blue, and a bamboo wood lid for a more natural, rustic touch. The 112-ounce IKEA 365+ Jar is especially great for storing large amounts or larger items, while a smaller 52-ounce version is great for smaller storage needs. 

IKEA's 365+ line

Try these amazing jars on a kitchen counter, shelf, or pantry to hold bulk items like oatmeal, flour, pasta, or sugar. They are also great for visible storage in a bathroom holding essentials like cotton balls/swabs or filled with pretty soap bars. At only $7 to $10 each, you can purchase many to form a whole matching canister set or row of jars that look great on a pantry shelf or sideboard. They also sell replacement lids in case you break one. 

The jars and lids are also airtight when lidded, so you can store items like coffee or tea to keep them fresh. Not only do the round lids fit multiple jars, but they also fit some shallower round food storage containers in the same line, perfect for streamlining your kitchen storage containers and greater ease in finding lids when you need them. The blue lid also features tabs that more securely hook to the rim of the jar, keeping it closed.

How to use your IKEA jars

While they are great in the kitchen or well-organized pantry, other decorative uses include lining them up on a mantle or shelf for items like shells, pebbles, or seasonal decor like pine cones and Christmas ornaments. They also make the perfect bell jars for creating a dark academia-style cabinet of curiosities filled with natural artifacts like coral or animal skeletons (real or faux). The jars are also great for storing hardware or craft supplies. Try them in the laundry room, where they can make adorable storage containers for powdered laundry detergent, fabric softener balls, or dryer sheets.

IKEA's great selection of jars does not stop with the 365+ line. For a classic apothecary jar look with a glass handle, try the VARDAGEN jar, which works perfectly as a cookie jar or large canister for flour. They are also great for making small terrariums filled with moss and other plantings. Smaller jars like the side-resting RAJTAN or CITRONHAJ jars are perfect for storing spices or other ground substances. The KORKEN line features various-sized and shaped jars with an attached lid and a latch perfect for meal prep and storing wet items like pickles.