Save Money On Laundry Day With IKEA's Space-Saving Clothes Dryer

Living in a small space comes with many challenges, and one of the main ones is a lack of storage. Along with this comes the difficulty of drying your laundry. Whether you're trying to make the most out of a studio apartment or just don't have the square footage to hang clothes everywhere, finding an area to put washing so it dries can be tough. In this case, you need a portable hang dryer like the IKEA SLIBB.

Affordably priced at $6.49, the SLIBB hanger includes 24 hooks and measures just over 14 inches wide. Weighing around 1lb, its super lightweight design makes it a practical piece to store even in the most confined of spaces. Though it isn't the largest of dryers, a traditional clothes hanger that stands up by itself may be too big for your space. Plus, hanging smaller items on a larger clothes dryer often isn't practical, with the items falling off because nothing is keeping them in place. With the pegs built into the SLIBB, this won't happen.

This hang dryer is good overall, but has some downsides

We also love that the design of the SLIBB means you can keep track of what has been washed; you could even sort your laundry into sections like socks and underwear, so you have an easier time putting things away when they have dried. However, as with any product, there are some caveats about this drying device. The main downside is that it can only really hold smaller items due to the size of the pegs and the minimal spacing between the pegs.

This means that your larger items will have to be hung elsewhere, which could be tricky in a small space. The average studio apartment measured 514 square feet in 2018, so it's likely this extra space will be tricky to find. Even if you did try to hang larger items on the SLIBB, it's likely the weight would drag down the rest of your washing and potentially even cause the model to break. Additionally, as the SLIBB needs to be hung from something sturdy, you may struggle to find a good place to do this. However, on the whole, this clothes drying hack is an excellent way to dry your washed clothes without taking up a lot of space.