The Aluminum Foil Hack You Need To Dispose Of Candle Wax Without The Mess

Every candle burns down eventually, likely leaving some wax behind in the process and a jar that you can't reuse. It can seem like a good idea at the time, but pouring wax down the drain is an extremely bad decision that will come back to burn you: though the wax may be liquified at the time you pour it, once it has gone down your plumbing, it will solidify and potentially cause a major blockage. It can be a huge (and extremely expensive) pain if your drain becomes so blocked you need to call a professional out. To avoid this, skip pouring your leftover candle wax away and try out this hack that uses aluminum foil instead. 

As well as foil, you'll need water and a pan to carry out this super simple method that will save you from a pricey plumbing bill. By utilizing these basic household items, you'll be able to dispose of leftover wax properly. Plus, once the wax has been ousted, you can then reuse the glass candle jar for decoration or storage purposes in a number of creative ways.

You'll be left with a clean glass jar that's perfect for storage

First, fill a pan up with water and bring to the boil. Place the jar in the pan before the water begins to boil, as this will kickstart the melting process. The aim of this part of the hack is to melt the leftover wax. 

Have a roll of aluminum foil nearby ready for when it has completely melted. When this happens, tear off a decently sized piece of foil and dispense the melted wax into it. Be careful when executing this step, as both the jar and wax will be hot. If there is still wax that's refusing to dislodge, fill the jar up with warm water and use a sponge or cloth to get the wax out. Put these leftovers in the foil, too — no matter what you do, don't let it go down the drain.

Now that you have removed the candle wax from its container, you simply need to wash it out. If the jar came with a lid, you can repurpose it as a mason jar to store leftover food or your lunch for work. However, note that some jars may not be considered food-safe, in which case it's best to use them for another purpose like storing laundry pegs: check with the candle manufacturer regarding the specific jar. In any case, considering that you only need household staples for this hack, it's definitely worth trying out the next time you have a candle with leftover wax.