TikTok Shows Us Why The IKEA BOAXEL Is All You Need For An Organized Home Office

An organized home office is often key to higher productivity and focus, but it can be difficult to keep a home office area clean, especially if you only have a small space to work with. Some people arrange their living rooms, bedrooms, or studio apartments to double as a home office space, like TikTok user @itskaaybee, who shared a video of how she used Ikea's innovative desk and storage shelving furniture piece, The IKEA BOAXEL, to set up her home office in her studio apartment. It's the perfect way to keep a home office organized and compact. 

After she assembled the item and displayed her home office materials on the shelves, her apartment looked spacious and even more organized than it did before. The IKEA BOAXEL shelving unit and tabletop configuration shown in the video are priced at $237.99. It includes two rows of long shelves up top and three additional smaller shelves, along with an attached desk. The IKEA BOAXEL's plain, all-white design makes it compatible with nearly any space.

The IKEA BOAXEL is a wall-mounted storage system and desk

The video shared by @itskaaybee shows how the IKEA BOAXEL fits perfectly in her smaller living space. It appears to minimize clutter and help maximize space in her studio apartment. You may have noticed that the desk and shelving system are attached to @itskaaybee's back wall. Although she does not provide a detailed overview of the assembly process, the IKEA website confirms that the IKEA BOAXEL is a wall-mounted storage system. It comes with wall uprights that allow you to adhere the shelving to your desired wall.

It may be best to decide which wall you intend to attach the storage system to so that you can take measurements to ensure that it will fit. For reference, the IKEA BOAXEL is roughly 73 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 79 inches tall. IKEA warns that you should be mindful of how much weight your wall can support, which will partially depend on the material your wall is made of. A concrete wall, for example, can hold more weight than drywall, unless you can find the stud behind the wall to affix the shelving to. Take this into consideration when adding items to the storage shelves so that you don't load them with more weight than your wall can handle. As with many IKEA sets, it is also recommended to have two people assemble the IKEA BOAXEL.

Customize the IKEA BOAXEL to suit your needs

The IKEA BOAXEL configuration shown in @itskaaybee's video is only one of many options you can choose from. You might prefer to pick a different arrangement that better suits your home office space. The larger IKEA BOAXEL configuration with three rows of long storage shelves across the top and four additional smaller shelves might be a better pick if you have a bigger office. This configuration includes the desk seen in the video as well.

There is also a smaller IKEA BOAXEL configuration that may be great for those with home offices that are not quite as big as @itskaaybee's. If your living room or bedroom doubles as a home office, this more compact option may also be a good fit for you. It includes two shelves right above the same desk as seen in other configurations. These shelves are not quite as long as the shelves that come with the larger IKEA BOAXEL arrangements. This may be a perk for those who only have a small section of wall they could use to mount the storage system.