The Perfect Book Storage Might Already Be In The Middle Of Your Living Room

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Whether you have a habit of buying a bunch of books before finishing the one you're already busy with, or the thought of parting with your existing collection is a no-no of note, there's no denying that finding a spot for all of them can be a little tricky. However, there is a solution. That would be, placing them in your coffee table — but we're not talking about building a table out of books. This time, you'll need a coffee table. Well, that and your books. 

Despite looking as chic as can be, this hack is a super easy one. All it entails is using a coffee table with visible storage to keep your books. With this tip, you've got storage, decor that serves as a talking point, and you can keep collecting books to your heart's content. In short, the only drawback to this idea is that we haven't already been doing it for years. That said, there is one catch. You'll need the right coffee table to be able to put this idea into practice. 

Granted, the right coffee table isn't necessarily one specific style – nor does it mean you have to go for something all-glass. Really, the chief thing is that it's a coffee table that features storage spaces you can see into (no drawers or opaque doors, here!). If your current coffee table doesn't feature storage, there are a few options available, and at a number of different price points. 

The right table makes all the difference

Taking to TikTok in 2023, @blackfionaapple showed how she'd turned a second-hand glass cabinet-style coffee table into book storage. Though her particular cabinet had been bought privately, Amazon stocks similar options for around $125. Love the look but still working on your collection? You could also opt for something slightly smaller. Again, Amazon stocks just the thing, starting at around $75. If you have kids running around, and you're not overly keen on the idea of a glass coffee table, one way to get a similar look is with an acrylic table. Amazon has some great options with nifty shelves. However, these can be a little on the pricy side, with most starting at around $200. 

Not a fan of the clear look? There are also ways to incorporate this idea into your home without compromising your aesthetic. Amazon sells a simple, wooden coffee table complete with a shelf large enough for an impressive collection. At just over $75, it's certainly a cheaper option than glass or acrylic. Alternatively, for something made specifically to be used as a book display, head to Target for the Breighton Home Soho coffee table, complete with a built-in shelf and for less than $150. 

Once you have your table sorted (kudos if your existing furniture works!), it's time to pop in those books. There are no real rules, here. However, we do have some pointers to maximize the space, while protecting your collection. 

Slot your books into the table with purpose

Regardless of the coffee table you've chosen for this project, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should be functional. If you're still making your way through the collection, keep unread books closer to the top of the pile. On top of making it easier to get started on those new books, it's also a great way to keep things as tidy as possible ... which brings us to aesthetics. 

Naturally, the way you'll stack your books will depend on your particular table. For glass-topped or acrylic options, keep things as even as possible, and stack the books with the cover facing upwards. Alternatively, if you're opting for a table with a wooden top, and the books will be more visible from the outside, be sure to have the spine side out. Again, depending on the size of your collection, it may work better to stack the books facing upwards than to have them standing up as if they were on a traditional book shelf, but base that on what you have. 

One thing definitely worth taking into account, with this hack, is your lifestyle. If you're prone to spilling things (no judgment!), and the table you're using doesn't have doors or a decent overhang, push those books slightly further in. You always want to protect your books and keep the collection clean – especially if you love it enough to put it on display.