Organize A Cluttered Garage With TikTok's DIY Lumber Rack

Though typically used for storing cars, we all know just how versatile a garage can be. Whether you use yours as a guest room, man-cave, or studio, maximizing space is always a good option. There are all kinds of garage storage ideas that are great for storing any type of tool, appliance, or device that might need an organization upgrade. We're talking rolling tables that double as workstations, wooden screwdriver racks, and mounts for just about anything. But this TikTok-approved lumber rack is a hack that we think deserves some praise, too.

All you need are some slabs of wood that fit appealingly in your garage, a screwdriver, and a reliable hammer. TikTok user @wheatoncustomwoodworking started by using glue and screws to attach the 2x4 plywood into the wall at a parallel angle. Then, he followed up by adding another set of 2x4 plywood as arms with just screws, and repeated the process until there were four arms. The goal is to create an L-shape to hang long, bulky pieces of lumber that would otherwise sit awkwardly on your garage floor.

Though this hack is central to any hobby or garage structure, it's especially friendly for all the handymen and women out there seeking strategies for building a home workshop.

Other ways to create a lumber rack in your garage

If you do want to make your garage into a more functional space for your inner handyman, there are other ways to DIY this hack. Spencley Design on YouTube recommends starting by gathering scraps of 2x4 wood planks and plywood. You want to cut each 2x4 into 9.5-inch pieces with any saw you have available. Then break your plywood into 6-inch strips. Continue to cut down your wood frames into whatever size looks and feels the most aligned with the lumber rack you'd like to create.

Once you're satisfied, take anywhere between four and six 2-inch screws and make a sandwich with your plywood on the top and bottom of the wood plank. Repeat this step for each bracket. Then, slide each bracket onto the natural studs in your garage and secure it with a clamp. Use two more construction screws on either side to ensure it's locked in before stacking your lumber. 

Another lumber rack project that's a bit more beginner-friendly and customizable is from the courtesy of TikTok user @kendras_gotwood. Grab a few of these double-jointed plumbing pipes from Home Depot and mount them into your wall with nail studs for security. Measure for evenness, and you're good to go. This easy and accessible way to store lumber puts personalization in mind, as you can choose whatever color or texture feels fitting to your space.