The Easy Shoe Storage Hack That Will Organize Your Closet In A Pinch

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If you often feel like there's never enough shoe storage, you're not alone. There are countless TikTok hacks devoted to creating space for your sneakers, heels, boots, and more, but they often revolve around you purchasing new products. If you're looking to upcycle items you already have in your house, then you'll be pleased to learn about an incredible shoe storage hack that is as simple as assembling and painting old cardboard boxes. Once constructed, you'll have upcycled shoe storage that only costs the price of paint, provided you don't have any in your house. 

Although the best shoe storage benches for stylish organization might be strong enough for you to sit on, this bench isn't. But that doesn't mean it's not super chic. Even better, this DIY hack is completely customizable, which means you can make it as big or as little as you need. You can use this shoe storage hack in entryways, closets, and more, depending on where you store your shoes. If you have an abundance of boots, you can use extra wide boxes, and if you're looking to create storage for little kid shoes, smaller boxes would work. Even better, you can use this inventive hack to store a variety of items in plain sight and no one would even know it's made from cardboard. Here's how this hack works. 

Assemble your cardboard boxes

In a genius TikTok video shared by @thecardboardqueen, the best way to store your shoes starts with old cardboard boxes. Make sure they're big enough to form a bench comprised of two rows, the bottom row consisting of makeshift drawers. To achieve this, you'll need to create two rows of three boxes, each identical in size. If you don't have identical boxes, you can always go to your local grocery store and ask if they have anything on hand. According to @thecardboardqueen, you'll need to hot glue the boxes together and then glue an additional layer of cardboard to your new storage bench, reinforcing them. Don't forget to add drawers to the bottom row, using smaller cardboard boxes with rectangles cut out for handles. 

Once everything is assembled, you'll want to add a layer of paint. If you don't want to paint this shoe storage solution, you can always use peel-and-stick wallpaper or contact paper. You can purchase wallpaper in a variety of colors and patterns, such as this pretty gold and blue option for $9.59 on Amazon. Once your bench is assembled and decorated, start adding your shoes! Keep in mind that you won't want to put wet shoes or boots in your new shoe organizer for risk of damaging the cardboard. You might want to put a boot tray next to your shoe storage until wet items dry.