Is Buying A Home From Amazon Worth It? What We Know About The Viral TikTok Trend

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You probably know Amazon as the place to buy everything from houseplants to office supplies to clothing. However, you might not know that you can buy a house on Amazon. No, not a playhouse or a doll's house — an actual house. The discovery of being able to buy a house from the popular online retailer has gone majorly viral on social media, with reviews popping up on YouTube and TikTok. It's definitely a novelty, but also a very real one. The home most people appear to be buying is the DOINUO Mobile Expandable Prefab Home.

Before you start getting confused about the logistics, it's important to clarify that this house is considered a tiny house. Tiny homes are typically between 100 to 400 square feet and are exactly what they sound like — a house with everything downsized. Whether you're intrigued about buying a home from Amazon or would never even consider it, you likely have various questions about how it works. We've gathered all the essential information you need to know about buying a tiny standalone home from Amazon. 

It may seem strange, but this tiny home actually has several benefits

First up, the pros. As demonstrated in a YouTube review by @Unspeakable, the house does fold outward to become a relatively large space (still within the parameters of being a tiny home). You also don't need any tools to do this. Because of this, even the most DIY-averse of people should be able to put it together — though it will require strength, so it's more of a two or three-person job. The house being reviewed in the video comes in different sizes, with the smallest size starting at $18,300 and the largest costing $30,000. 

This makes it a good option for an extra home in your backyard, or if you're planning to use it as a holiday rental. The building is also an ideal opportunity to turn into a deluxe office space if you work from home permanently. When it comes to included amenities, you won't find many. However, this home does come with a pre-installed bathroom, which includes a toilet, a shower faucet, and a sink. Several windows and double-fronted doors are also included, so you don't have to worry about natural light.

The house comes with negatives as well

Much like any Amazon purchase, this home comes with its cons. One of the most obvious drawbacks is that the walls are made from composite panels, which are usually constructed from a mix of plastic and metal. While the home does have a steel frame, it probably won't be particularly sturdy in windy climates. Plastic can be waterproof, but if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or generally bad weather, the shell probably won't hold up well. Plus, this home is priced on the higher side considering it isn't clear whether the wall panels are made entirely from plastic or feature sturdier construction.

As you may expect, the YouTube review by @Unspeakable stated that a circuit breaker box is not included, meaning you'll have to install all electrics and wiring yourself. Because of this, you'll need to budget the cost for these extras in addition to the cost of the house itself. There is also no furniture included aside from the aforementioned bathroom essentials, so you'll need to install a kitchen and other necessities if you're planning to use it as a living space. Generally, this home could be a good purchase if you're willing to put the work in to make it a proper home, but the overall price for what you get means it isn't the most cost-effective of pre-built tiny homes.