The Best Interior Paint Colors For 2024's Biggest Upcoming Trend, According To Our Color Expert

Are you curious which paint colors are trending for walls and ceilings in 2024? House Digest exclusively spoke to Amy Wax, Color Expert and Creator of the Color911 App regarding the trendiest paint colors to use in 2024, and the expert noted that calming colors and earth tones are ideal. "The earth tone palette is broadening from creamy off white to a carefree light blue to the deep and cozy color of forest green, all colors that are versatile and easy going," Wax explained.

While you may not want to use stark, cold neutrals in 2024, gentle and soothing tones are making a splash. "Reaching out for serenity and comfort, from light colors to dark we are more open this year to new colors that will last the test of time," Wax shared. Thus, whether you prefer a light, medium, or dark value for your interior paint colors, 2024 is the year to embrace earthy and relaxing tones to make your home a more tranquil space.

Light blues and olive greens will take over

Anyone who loves blue and green is in luck in 2024, as light blue and olive green are some of the most prominent interior paint options. Amy Wax exclusively told House Digest that light blue paint is "more popular than ever, if there was a color that expressed serenity, that would be the carefree light blue. Picked by several companies for their color of the year choices ... this is a classic color choice with a softer easy going appeal." Since light blue is such an ethereal, dreamy color, many light blue paint colors are perfect for your home, whether the specific shade looks like the morning sky or has a subtle green tint. Plus, the soft hue is super versatile. "This color is easy to apply in any room from a brighter kitchen to a softer bedroom color palette," Wax told us.

If you prefer warm greens over blue hues, 2024 is the perfect time to experiment with olive green. "Olive green is a luxurious color which can envelope a whole room or be the perfect accent color," Wax noted. "Olive can be the wall color of a darker space creating a cozy room or an accent in a kitchen with wood cabinetry. Don't be fooled this color is incredibly versatile and can be used with many colors in the color palette!" If you enjoy blues and greens, consider being ultra-trendy by incorporating both paint colors into your home in 2024.

Get ready for more warm neutrals

Regarding neutrals, 2024 is the best year to swap your harsh, cold white interior paints for creamy beiges. "With the clarity of white but softer and warmer, this color is easy going for any space whether it is formal or casual and is incredible versatile complimenting almost any color in the spectrum," Amy Wax explained in her exclusive interview with House Digest. The expert also noted that calming beige paint colors tend to pair beautifully with wood tones, working well with the natural vibes.

For a darker and richer look, Wax said that brown interior paint is becoming more popular. "Warm browns are a great color for a quieter space, the perfect backdrop for your home office, library or primary bedroom, all places where you want to put your feet up and relax," Wax shared. After all, warm brown hair can beautifully make facial features pop, so rich brown paint can do the same with your furniture and d├ęcor.

Also, get ready for warm black to replace cold jet black. "A warm black is timeless, compliments anything from furniture to artwork and will stand the test of time! Add this color into the room as an accent where you are looking for a little contrast or as an accent wall for a little drama," Wax told us. So, instead of cold black and white, try warm black and cream in 2024. Which of these lovely paint colors do you plan to try first?