Dollar Tree Storage DIYs That Will Make The Most Of The Space In Your Kitchen

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The toughest part of living with a smaller kitchen is making the most of your space. Compact refrigerators, narrow pantries, and limited cabinets make it difficult to organize cookware and ingredients, discouraging families and cooking enthusiasts from enjoying homemade meals. Fortunately, there are methods to improvise and repurpose your kitchen spaces by primarily using products from Dollar Tree. Some DIYs can be made better with additional purchases from other dollar stores and affordable online sites, but for the most part, it only takes one shopping trip to get the "ingredients" for bettering your kitchen space.

All you need is a little creativity to maximize storage and optimize organization without breaking the bank. Below are ten budget-friendly ideas from TikTok to help you sort out all spaces in your kitchen. You'll be surprised how small changes to your cabinets, counters, pantry, and refrigerator can completely transform the busiest room in your home.

Use a towel rack to create a hanging paper towel holder

Kitchen and bathroom towel racks are available at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. Although they are intended for washable rags and towels, they can also hold paper towel rolls. Take apart your purchased towel rack, slide a roll onto the middle bar, reattach the sides, and hang it from one of the cabinet doors in your kitchen. Gravity may cause the sheets to unroll since the contraption is suspended sideways. Stop this from happening by tucking a Dollar Tree paper clip or bobby pin over the loose sheet.

Repurpose shower caddies into a dinnerware and cookware holder

Wire shower caddies are practical for providing more storage space in your shower, and this also makes them ideal for holding cookware and even dinnerware. Take two wire shower caddies, lay them overtop one another, with the shelves pointing upward, and use Dollar Tree's zip ties to fasten them together. Lay the contraption flat side down and place your pots, pans, lids, and dishes on their sides in each of the slots.

Hang wire baskets on your wall to extend counter space

Sometimes, you need more space to spread out while prepping, cooking, and serving food. Attaching Dollar Tree's wire baskets or trays to empty wall space is a great way to add pockets of extra storage around your kitchen. Purchase removable wall hooks that can hold at least 3 pounds, and stick them where you plan to hang the baskets. Wait at least twelve hours, giving the adhesive hooks time to seal properly. The wire baskets themselves are lightweight, but remember not to overfill them above the hooks' weight limit.

Turn mini drawer organizers into cabinet door baskets for spices

Make the most of your cabinet space by putting mini storage receptacles on the backside of the doors to organize spices. Dollar Tree sells rectangular drawer organizers, with each holding four or five standard spice bottles, depending on their size, so purchase as many organizers as you think you'll need. Attach the rectangular holders to the inside of your cabinets using mounting tape. If you want a less permanent option, you may have to check out Command strips, which are damage-free.

Organize plastic food container lids in book bins

Dollar Tree offers an assortment of book bins, which are perfect for uses beyond children's desks and lockers. These plastic bins are the ideal size and shape for holding food storage lids, keeping your plastic food container drawers from getting cluttered and disorganized. Tuck these organizers into their designated cabinet, filling each one with various lids. You can buy different bins to hold different sizes or shapes, making it easier to match tops and bottoms when you need to use them.

Create a dish drying rack from stackable shelves

Combine Dollar Tree's wire baskets with wire cabinet shelves to DIY your own dish drying rack for less than $3 — which is far cheaper than purchasing even a small one. Fasten the basket on top of the shelf using zip ties. Put the assembled product over a Dollar Tree dish-drying mat to soak up the dripping water. Due to the hairpin-style legs of the shelf rack, you may want to nestle this makeshift rack in a corner to keep it steady. Don't overload it with heavy and expensive dishes.

Build a rotating countertop organizer

This DIY is a bit more complicated, but also more rewarding than others on this list. It'll take a few products, including a pie pan, baking pan, and glass gems. Before purchasing, make sure the pie pan fits inside the rectangular pan. Fill the pie pan with the gems, top with another pie pan, and then superglue it to the underside of the rectangular baking pan. The pie pans will act as the base, allowing you to spin the baking pan around the round bottom. You can add wire baskets, wire trays, or other organizers on top to hold your desired kitchen utensils and tools.

Put a coat hanger on the inside of cabinets to hold pots and pans

Pots and pans are notorious for taking up a lot of space, but luckily, there are many cheap and innovative ways to store them. Dollar Tree sells six-hook coat hangers perfect for hanging pots and pans with handles. Place the hanger over your pantry or kitchen door, and dangle your handled cookware from the available hooks. Keep in mind that this trick is only doable over full-size doors. The rack is too wide to fit over cabinets, so potential storage spots are limited.

Remove food products from bulky packaging and repack them in glass jars

Repack food and ingredients into sealed glass jars, such as these wide and slim jars from Dollar Tree, to keep your fridge and pantry far more organized. The stainless steel lids are more reliable for tightly sealing your food, preventing premature expiration. To organize your items even more, purchase adhesive labels from Amazon to label the item and use-by date — they withstand freezing temperatures and moisture, making them resilient for long-term storage. Reviewers say the writing washes off in the dishwasher, but the sticker stays, making jars and labels reusable.

Make a homemade lazy Susan for your countertop

This countertop organizer uses multiple Dollar Tree items, including a plastic tray, four glass jars, decorative rope, and two bamboo cutting boards. Use a hot glue gun or Dollar Tree's super glue to attach the two cutting boards side-by-side, with the longer sides together. Glue two glass jars to each side of the cutting boards. Use more glue to connect the cutting boards on the plastic tray, and wrap the decorative rope around them to create your stylish, homemade, rotating countertop basket.