The Unexpected Place HGTV's Jenn Todryk Recommends Folding Laundry In Your Home

You may be used to folding your laundry in the bedroom or living room where there is more space to spread out, but Jenn Todryk wants you to consider moving this task to the kitchen island. Kitchen counters will also be spacious with the additional perk of allowing you to comfortably stand as you fold and organize your clothes. "It's my favorite spot to do it because my stacks are up high and no small manic child can mess it up," she says in her Instagram post.

Where you fold your clothes matters. If you have to hunch over a bed, couch, or floor every time you do laundry, that position will cause discomfort and affect your posture. Prevent back pain and other health problems by maintaining a position that you can hold comfortably for however long you need. An ergonomic kitchen surface that works for your height so you can stand upright is the way to go. Interestingly, height-adjustable islands are one of the exciting changes coming to kitchen islands in 2024 so they'll be more common to get.

Fold on the kitchen island or create a dedicated station

HGTV's Jenn Todryk recommends folding laundry on the kitchen island because hers is high enough to prevent her kids from getting into the clothes and scattering them. In addition to being good for the body, a high counter will also allow you to work without disturbance. She also has a tiny TV in the kitchen that entertains her as she folds. "That little TV makes the folding so much better," she says (via Instagram). A TV in the kitchen or an open floor plan that allows you to see the TV in the living room is another benefit of using this space.

If you have a laundry room and can modify it, we suggest putting a table or worktop directly in there. This is even better than the kitchen island because a dedicated station will allow you to fold right there in the laundry room so you'll just be moving your clothes straight into the bedroom closet. A great hack is to use an IKEA tabletop to create a counter. Because it isn't a standard table with legs attached, it can be customized to fit into your space and can be simply placed over the washer and dryer, for example. You can get the 47x23 LAGKAPTEN for $50 from IKEA and it comes in white, gray-turquoise, and black-brown.