Ways To Repurpose Those Old Bar Stools After A Kitchen Renovation

Bar stools, with their minimalistic design and basic shape, are usually primarily functional pieces. They allow us to sit at the island, can maximize seating in small spaces, and are sometimes used to fill that empty awkward space in your kitchen. However, when these bar stools grow old and dingy, we're often faced with no choice but to throw them out. Or is that true? What if there were ways to save these bar stools from their untimely demise? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to repurpose them around the home instead of tossing them in the trash, and we've listed eight genius ideas below.

Besides being used for their actual purpose, bar stools provide an opportunity to create unique items that combine design with functionality. Doing this could save you money, as you may be able to create instead of purchase the furniture items you need. These ideas are also beneficial because they'll save your stools from the landfill, helping the planet in the process. 

1. Nightstand for two to three tier chairs

For chairs that have tiers, a functional nightstand is the perfect way to repurpose an old stool. Using a ball of twine, secure a tie on the second tier's legs before wrapping it across its parallel leg. Continue doing this back and forth to create a tight base where you can place your nighttime essentials. Follow through with the same method on the last tier, leaving the top of the stool alone. Place the stand next to your bed and begin filling it with a few books, candles, or any other personal belongings.

2. Small stool for kids

One way to repurpose a bar stool is by transforming it into a small stool for your kids. To start, trim a few inches off the bottom of the stool to shorten its height before sanding and buffing the bottom surface until it's even. Once you're satisfied with the woodwork, polish off the stool with a primer and paint. Once dry, add a cushioned or woven top. You may choose to secure the top with super glue or staples. This project can also be a collaborative way for your kids to express their creativity through art and design.

3. Luxury vanity seating

Rather than spend exorbitant amounts of money on a luxury vanity chair, you can make one out of an old stool. Start by painting the stool's base any color you desire. If it's too tall, you may also need to trim the legs before painting. Once the paint has dried, trace the top surface on a piece of foam before cutting and super gluing the material on top. You can also include a rounded foam back, if desired. Finish off by adding a silk or satin fabric over the foam pieces and stapling the material down to give the seating a luxurious aesthetic.

4. Portable work desk

Many of us work from home, and that means needing a number of spots to efficiently work. To create a DIY work desk that can take you from the bedroom to the living room, start by personalizing two barstools to your liking — you can spray paint them, add stickers, or include anything else you desire. Once they're all dressed up, measure the ideal distance between both chairs before cutting an appropriately-sized wooden plank. Place the plank atop both stools, add desk essentials and memorabilia, and you're ready to work anywhere you want. 

5. Shower seating

What's better than sitting in the shower? One of the easier ways to repurpose an old bar stool is by personalizing it for your shower. To start, trim down the legs so that you're not too elevated in the shower. You may choose to personalize the stool with water-resistant paint, especially to enhance your child or teenager's shower experience. If not, simply sand and buff the chair before adding a clear wood sealer on top to create a comfortable spot to sit. Don't forget to add an anti-skid pad to the floor before sitting down!

6. Sensory cat tree

Rather than throw away an old bar stool, why not turn it into a sensory cat tree? Bar stools can be transformed into the perfect spot for your cat to hang out. To start, wrap a few layers of twine or pieces of old carpeting around the stool's legs — this will offer your cat surfaces to scratch and groom their nails. Between the horizontal rungs, tie on pieces of fabric that can act as hammocks for them to lay in. You can also include some hanging toys and balls of yarn. To finish it off, add a piece of comfortable fabric to the top of the stool.

7. Indoor or outdoor plant stand

To DIY a plant stand without spending the big bucks, there are two ways to transform your old bar stool into this useful item. While you can keep the stool upright and add wooden planks to the tiers for more shelves, you can also flip the stool upside down (for wider space) and place a large plant at the bottom of the stool, aligning it perfectly with the circular top. In the spring and summer, you can transfer the stool to a secure spot outside. You may even choose to bury a small part of the stool in the ground to keep it from moving.

8. High-end shelves

Rather than purchasing a high-end luxury shelf, why not make one at home? For this hack, start by spray painting four bar stools silver or gold for that luxury aesthetic. Once the stools have dried, flip two of them upside down before using wood glue to place the others on top and right-side up. To ensure the stools stay in place, drill each side of the legs together using mending plates and screws. Once secure, wrap a few long wooden planks in mirror reflective paper and place them across each shelf tier to complete your very own luxury shelving unit.