Clever Ways To Repurpose Your Old Laundry Hamper Around The House

In our homes, certain items often serve one specific purpose and are then forgotten about. And then, when we see the need for something else in the house, we rush to the store to buy a new object that serves the same function as something else we already own. The laundry basket is a great example of this, but this ultra-functional household item can be used in a myriad of ways around the home. In this article, we'll show you straightforward and practical ways to repurpose your laundry basket, adding efficiency and organization to your daily routines. From storage solutions to creative uses, we've got great tips that will help you to see your laundry basket in a whole new light. 

We looked for hacks that would work for a lot of hamper types, be it plastic, fabric, or wicker. However, if one tip is better suited to a specific kind of hamper, we've provided information accordingly.

1. Store kiddo's toys away

You don't need to spend your whole paycheck at The Container Store to organize your child's playroom. Try using a laundry hamper instead. They are ideal for collections that contain a lot of little pieces, such as dollhouses or Lego projects that are in progress, as well as larger toys and plushies. Without a lid or complicated closing mechanism, kids can easily take things out and return them during cleanup even if their motor skills are still developing. Any hamper type works, just be mindful about perforated sides in case toy pieces fall out. 

2. Fill it with pillows and blankets

If your linen closet is overrun with spare blankets, quilts, and throw pillows, try storing some of them in an old laundry hamper. Not only is it convenient for guests to find something to cuddle up with when staying over, but it also looks super cozy and cute. Try to choose some non-bulky blankets and either fold them or roll them up burrito style. Add a few pillows to the top so they don't get squished down, and there you have a cute, no-cost storage solution that can free up some space in the closet. 

3. Up your garden game with a harvesting basket

When it comes to harvest season in the late summer, you'll (hopefully) have more than you can carry by hand growing in your garden. An old wicker basket is great for toting fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs in. A shallow hamper is ideal so your homegrown produce doesn't have too much stacked on top of it, causing it to squish. But as long as you are mindful about how you place your harvest, any size of hamper will work for this. However, avoid cloth hampers because spoiled fruit can seep into the fabric and be difficult to clean. 

4. Make a cozy bed for your pet

Many of us have learned our lesson — don't spend big money on a pet bed. Either a pet won't use it at all, or they'll use it constantly and it will need to be laundered frequently. Make an affordable DIY version with a laundry hamper, some old bed pillows, and blankets. Add pillows to the hamper (wicker or plastic) until it has enough cushion to be comfortable. Then take some old sheets or blankets and tuck them into the sides of the pillows. When the bedding gets dirty, just toss them in the washer and dryer! 

5. Organize your mudroom

Mudroom benches are a great way to keep your family's outdoor clothing and accessories where they're easily accessible, but let's be honest, they are usually disaster zones. Strewn scarves, socks, gloves, and hats litter most mudroom benches. Take a few old hampers to reclaim the space. You can do this in a few ways — use a hamper for each family member so they always know where to get (and put back) their things, or sort them by item type — gloves and scarves in one, hats and warm socks in another, and so on. 

6. Shelve your magazine collection

If it pains you to toss out perfectly interesting magazines just because they're cluttering a tabletop, try using a laundry hamper to store them. Wicker baskets tend to be a little more aesthetically pleasing, so if you plan on displaying the magazines in a common area or guest bathroom, avoid big bulky plastic ones. But if you just want a dedicated zone for magazines, any hamper will work for this. Be cautious of soft-sided cloth hampers, as the magazines won't be protected. 

7. Organize your linen closet

Let laundry baskets do what they do best — hold all those blankets, towels, and sheets. But instead of just storing them when they're dirty or ready to be folded, pop a few hampers into your linen closet. This is a super affordable way to sort your closet space and stop it from becoming the leaning tower of blankets. You can fold the linens or roll them up, then tuck them into a hamper — we recommend sorting by linen type to make it easy to find specific items later. 

8. Create a craft kit

Everybody needs a hobby, but crafters and makers know that can mean having a whole lot of supplies at hand. Thread, yarn, fabric scraps, watercolors, paint brushes, needles, glue guns, and so on take up a ton of room, and most of us aren't lucky enough to have a dedicated craft room. Use a laundry hamper to stow away your crafting bits and bobs. Larger hampers can even hold separate organizing containers to make sorting through them easier. Best of all, you can easily tote your craft kit around the house. 

9. Make a perfect plant pot

Unique planters are hard to come by, and re-potting plants can be a major pain. To easily add some character to your plant's display, just pop the existing pot into a laundry basket of similar size. For aesthetic purposes, a wicker basket is best suited for this. Keep in mind that you don't want the wicker getting wet, or it will eventually decay, so you'll need a pot with no drainage holes. That means choosing a plant that doesn't need drainage holes, such as succulents, ZZ plants, and snake plants.