Clever DIY Projects That Will Maximize The Storage Space In Your Garage

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As the place to store garden tools, outdoor toys, sporting goods, off-season patio furniture, and more, it's easy for a garage to become cluttered and messy. While there are plenty of products you can shop to add storage to a garage, there's also a lot you can make on your own! Whether it's working with scrap wood or repurposing an old cabinet, a DIY garage storage project is a great way to upcycle items to craft your own personalized storage.

The projects on our list can be accomplished with just a few household tools, but they can help you pack a lot more in your garage (and make it easier to find things, too). We've included a range of projects, big and small, to help you store everything from a garden hose to a seemingly endless pile of tote bins. Here are some easy DIY garage storage ideas that will inspire the handyperson in you, helping you boost storage space and organize your space.

Create a garden tool storage rack

This simple idea from Ana White requires only a couple 2x4s to create a basic but customizable storage rack. It's best to start this project by thinking about how you want to lay out your tools (you can put the wood plank on the ground and lay out your tools on top to visualize it) and figure out how much hanging space you'll need.

Use the first piece to create a base, cut to your preferred length. Then cut 10-inch-long pieces to create the rack sections that will hold your tools. You can use these 10-inch rack pieces in a couple ways. Put two close together to hang brooms and rakes by the head. Or use one piece to hold tools by the handle loop.

Craft a pegboard cabinet to keep track of smaller tools and items

A pegboard wall is a go-to solution for garage and workshop storage; not only does it add a fair amount of space, but you can also customize the layout. But if you don't have an extra wall to spare, don't fret. Craft a pegboard cabinet, inspired by this video from April Wilkerson, which is a perfect way to use Ikea products to organize your garage.

You don't need to build the whole cabinet from scratch. Instead, hack a suitable shelving unit and turn it on its side. Then, install pegboards inside the shelves. The Alex unit from IKEA is one such affordable and easily-accessible unit. Keep in mind that you may need to put feet on the side of the unit (which will be the bottom on the finished project) to allow the drawers to open without scraping the floor. Another option is to keep the unit right side up, and make it a horizontal pegboard organizer; it will be more customizable than using organizer bins.

Keep bikes in place with an easy DIY PVC bike rack

You don't have to be an expert to organize your garage like a professional — you just need to want a neat and tidy space. Bikes can take up a fair amount of room in a garage. Unlike a kickstand, a bike rack can keep them upright, so they cover less floor area. Buying a bike rack isn't always cheap, but if you have some PVC piping laying around, you can easily construct your own. Best of all, no power tools are necessary for this DIY — you can cut the PVC pipes to size with a hand saw. You can also make the rack smaller or larger, depending on how many bikes you need to store.

Keep toy balls and more in order with a bungee cord storage system

You just need a simple frame to make a ball storage system. This video from Rockwell Tools shows how to build a wooden frame, which is fairly straightforward (it's pretty much just a rectangular frame with a backing section to hold the bungee hooks securely). But you can also make your own version using a set of utility shelves, like this basic wire option for around $60 at Amazon. Run bungee cord around the perimeter, between the shelves, to create a ball storage section. The stretchy bungee cord sides makes it possible for kids to take balls in and out on their own, and you won't have to dig to grab a ball from the bottom of a bin.

A wall-mounted shoe organizer can hold all sorts of items

Wall-mounted shoe organizers can hold so much more than just shoes. Using them around the house is one of our favorite ways to add affordable storage. You can mount them to the wall anywhere you have some empty space. Or, if you don't want to put any holes in the wall, grab an over-the-door organizer instead.

You can choose from a couple of types depending on your needs. The SimpleHouseware Clear Hanging Shoe Organizer (which costs $7.47 on Amazon) is a popular option that has clear pouches to store bits and bobs (and that make it easy to see what you have). These pouches are the perfect size for a range of garage and workshop tools, as well as items like cans of spray paint. A more rigid, shelf-like option is the Whitmor 30 Section Hanging Shoe Shelves ($24.99 on Amazon). It's designed to hang from a rod, but you can also place nails through the fabric to attach it to a wall. This is great if you prefer cubbies instead of pouches, but just keep in mind not to weigh it down too much.

Add magnet bars to hold onto metal tools

A toolbox is one option for tool storage, but it can be a hassle digging around for frequently used pieces. A magnet bar can provide a spot for your small metal tools. A few options are available. You can use kitchen magnet bars, but for heavier storage, choose a specific magnetic tool holder, like the Master Magnetics Heavy-Duty Tool Holder, which retails for $30.47 on Amazon. These heavy-duty bars have a stronger magnet, designed to hold heavier bits like wrenches and pliers.

You can mount a magnet bar on a wall, on the side of a workshop table, or on the back of a door — wherever it's easiest to reach it. You can even mount small items that aren't metal. Just attach a metal washer or other magnetic piece to it, and you'll be able to mount it on the bar.

Build ceiling-mounted tote bin storage

If you have stacks of matching tote bins in your garage, then this ceiling-mounted storage rack is an affordable and practical DIY project to build. With this video from Modern Greaser, it's easier than you might expect to add overhead garage storage space. It outlines a way to create tote bin storage using only a few 2x3s and 1x3s, plus an electric drill or a hammer. Of course, if you have a saw, it's also possible for you to customize the racks even more, cutting them to size for your perfect layout.

Attach a hook and a chain to the wall to store a variety of items

Do you have cords and hoses that are piled up in a heap in the garage? Then this straightforward DIY is an excellent solution. It's very easy to do. Essentially, just install a hook into the wall and grab an appropriate length of chain (long enough to reach around the item you intend to store). This is a great way to hold anything that makes an "O" shape that the chain can go through, such as wound up hoses and cords.

If you're planning on storing heavier items, like extension cords, mount the hook into a stud for better hold. If you don't want to drill any holes at all, you can use a heavy-duty Command hook, but just keep the advertised weight limit in mind. An option like the Command XL Heavyweight Wall Hook ($9.98 on Amazon) holds up to 15 pounds, which is plenty for lightweight vacuum hoses and the like.

Turn leftover PVC piping into a shoe rack or an organizer

If you have PVC pipe left over from a renovation, or if you just like the ease and unfussy look of PVC projects, then turn a few old pipes into a sturdy storage solution. This video from The Home Team shows one way to do so, transforming large PVC pipes into a shoe rack by gluing them together. You can store more than shoes in this type of configuration. Take smaller pipes to create cubbies for spray paint cans, umbrellas, or anything else that fits in their round holes.

Store long-handled items in this DIY storage system

Brooms, rakes, shovels, and other long-handled tools can be annoying to store — it's easy for the whole pile to come toppling down if you just lay them against a wall. Keep these tools in order with this DIY storage system, which uses PVC pipes and a few planks of wood to create a long-handed tool holder. This system provides a spot for each tool to keep things tidy. The tools are very easy to take out, while being secure (young kids won't be able to remove them). To dress it up a bit, you can stain the wood pieces and paint the PVC pipe to match your interior color scheme. You can use various sizes of PVC piping to store different items and adapt the idea to other tool types as well.

Use a grid wall as a base for versatile wall storage

A grid panel makes a useful base for a wall storage system, and you can add all types of accessories like hooks, baskets, and shelves. You can buy grid panels, or if you have an old wire grid storage system, mount those pieces to the wall. An option like the Econoco Commercial Grid Panels ($99.64 on Amazon) is a heavy-duty option. Or you can repurpose a storage system like the 6-Cube Wire Grid Storage, which is a bit cheaper at $35.99 on Amazon, but also better for light-duty storage. There are plenty of accessory options available on the market, like this set on Amazon, which costs $17.99 for a hanging basket, hook bar, and shelf.

Create a magnetic shelf for screws, nails, and other small items

This DIY is another project that takes advantage of a magnetic bar. However, instead of installing it and placing metal tools directly on it, it gives instructions to make magnetic containers, which are useful for storing small pieces like nails, screws, bolts, and more. The main draw of this project is that it allows you to take advantage of unused space, like under a garage tabletop, cabinet, or shelves. A proper tool magnet bar isn't necessary here. Generally, a knife bar will do the trick, since the containers won't get too heavy. This video from Mother Daughter Projects DIY recommends using an IKEA magnetic knife rack (like the Kungsfors, which costs $25 at IKEA).