Create A Unique Mirrored Shelving Unit With Items From Dollar Tree

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While most people think about decorating with purely-aesthetic items, you can also dress up your space with both decorative but also functional items that help you organize your belongings. For instance, instead of splaying your makeup tools all over your dresser, you can create your own unique mirrored shelving unit that's not only beautiful but also useful. This piece can be used to organize items like cosmetics, perfume bottles, skincare products, and jewelry. With this shelf, you'll also help create the glam room of your dreams, as the piece has a reflective surface that looks extra luxurious. You don't need to break the bank either, as you can find most of the items you need at your local Dollar Tree. To complete this project, you'll need five shadow box piggy banks or regular shadow boxes, five $1.25-each mirrored candle holders, and E6000 glue.

Once assembled, you'll have a cute shelving unit with three tiers. This mini-version of a larger-tiered mirrored shelf may resemble some of its cousins on Amazon, but you may want to build one yourself instead to possibly save money and customize the piece however you desire. For instance, if you have lots of items to organize, you can just add more tiers by purchasing more items. Further, if you don't have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can buy similar items on Amazon for some extra cash: a pack of two shadow boxes for $16 and 12 candle holders for $23. 

How to build this shelving unit

Before you snag your shadow boxes and mirrors from Dollar Tree, ensure that whatever shadow box you pick has the same square shape and dimensions as the mirrored candle holders so that they fit together snugly. If you want to create a larger mirrored display unit, then you'll need bigger frames and mirrored candle holders. Once you've chosen your size and purchased your pieces, you will put them together by applying glue to the perimeter of the back of the mirror and locking them in front of the shadow boxes. Once they dry, lay down one of the frames with the mirror facing upward and glue another frame onto the back of it vertically to create a 90-degree angle. Keep gluing the frames onto each other at right angles, stacking them up as you go until you've created as many tiers as you desire. Once the piece has dried, place your makeup or jewelry onto your vanity set. 

In the TikTok video, @louflores_ uses E6000 to attach the mirrors to the shadow boxes and then uses hot glue to build the shelving unit. However, as some commenters pointed out, if you use hot glue, the piece may not hold up. In fact, one user attested that theirs eventually collapsed. Instead, simply use E6000 for the whole project. You could also hold the DIY mirrored shelf in place for about eight hours to help it stay together.

Where to display this shelving unit

Your DIY mirrored vanity shelf is a perfect décor item for just about every room in the house. If you have a dreary bathroom that's just begging for some pizzazz, place the piece on your vanity. Your closet is another ideal candidate for a vanity shelving unit or two. Set it up and place it on a shelf to organize your items. You could also display it in your bedroom, perhaps on top of your dresser, to hold all your jewelry or other accessories like hair clips.

Further, if you don't have space in your home to set down the mirrored shelving unit on top of a furniture piece, you can mount it to the wall. That way you can organize your bathroom or other space without all the extra clutter. Shadow boxes are meant to be mounted anyway, and all you need is a hammer and some picture hangers for the job. Measure out the spots for hanging on the tiled wall and mark them with a pencil. Then, hammer the hangers on the wall and hook the middle shadow box onto it. You can add mounting tape to the top and bottom shadow boxes too for extra support so it doesn't move and drop all your products.