The Easy To Use Stud Finder TikTok Swears By For Reliability

Learning how to use a stud finder is important for performing all kinds of DIY projects. This tool helps you find the wood structural supports that you can't see behind the drywall, so you can do things like hang heavy artwork. Failing to find the stud is a common mistake people make when mounting a TV to the wall. However, if you've used this type of tool in the past, you may have experienced some frustration. Although modern stud finders tend to be relatively accurate, it can seem like the tools deliver hit-and-miss results more often than you'd like.

According to Today's Homeowner on TikTok, the Ryobi Whole Stud Detector (about $32 at Home Depot) is a reliable option. The TikTok video highlights the importance of the seven LED lights across the top of the tool that make it easy to measure the width of the stud behind the wall, so you can be certain where you're centering the nail or screw properly for maximum benefit. 

Additionally, the TikTok video mentions the importance of having the vertically-aligned tool fit easily in one hand, so you can comfortably use it, even when working at a tough angle or in a tight space. Should you trust the TikTok video's recommendation of this stud finder? We'll break down its features and how it compares to some other options.

Does the Ryobi stud finder actually work?

The Ryobi Whole Stud Finder is extremely easy to use, which is helpful for a DIYer. After you calibrate the tool, you can slide it across the wall. The LEDs across the top will begin to light up as you encounter a stud. Once all the LEDs light up, you've found the full width of the stud, as the seven lights across the top are spread across the same width of the narrow side of a two-by-four. When the lights indicate you are centered, press the button in the center of the device. It will cause a dimple to appear in the wall, so you later can easily find it to add your nail or screw.

If you're someone who tends to forget the various steps required to run your power tools when you don't use them very often, the Ryobi stud finder has instructions printed on the front, which is an underrated feature.

In the customer reviews on Home Depot, those who give this Ryobi model the highest marks like its ease of use and its consistency in finding studs behind the drywall. Some users found the LEDs especially useful in maintaining accuracy. Many of the customers who gave it the lowest rating were frustrated by the inability of the unit to maintain its calibration, forcing them to start over repeatedly and making the tool unusable. Some customers say this tool doesn't match the quality of other Ryobi tools they own.

How the Ryobi stud finder compares to some other options

If you're unfamiliar with the Ryobi brand, it tends to offer good quality in its various power tool products, which primarily appear for purchase at Home Depot. Ryobi tools have a distinctive yellow-green color scheme that helps them stand out. Compared to higher-priced tools aimed at professionals, Ryobi tools tend to provide a good value for homeowners looking for tools to take on the occasional DIY project.

The Ryobi Whole Stud Finder generally has good reviews from customers at the Home Depot website. Another tool that has a slightly lower level of star rating in its reviews, but that has a similar design, is the Zircon StudSensor HD55. This model costs about $20 at Home Depot, and it uses a tiny display screen to mark the placement of the studs in the wall, rather than using LED lights.

A similarly priced option to the Ryobi model is the DeWalt 1-1/2 Inch Stud Finder (about $32 at Home Depot). The DeWalt stud finder uses an audible alert to signify the position of the studs inside the wall, as well as directional LEDs to guide you toward the location of the stud. The design of the DeWalt model has a hole in the upper center of the frame, so you can place a pencil through the hole to mark the spot for the nail or screw. However, its customer reviews on Home Depot are significantly lower than the Ryobi model.