This Popular Bathroom Paint Choice Is A Big No-No, According To TikTok

The paint color you choose for your bathroom goes beyond personal favorites. The bathroom should feel like a spa, so the right shade will support the purpose of the space by making whoever passes through it feel fresh, relaxed, and revived. This is why a shade like bright white is a big no-no when it comes to bathroom walls. They create a cold feeling and cause the light to reflect in an unflattering way, according to design expert Phoenix Grey. "A cool tone can make your space feel very blue and cold," he explained on TikTok.

White is associated with cleanliness so that's a huge part of its general appeal as an appropriate bathroom color. White surfaces feel hugely satisfying to clean and maintain because we can easily see them shine, but it isn't an ideal shade for a dominant feature like the walls based on the kind of atmosphere you need in there. This is part of the reason why all-white bathrooms as a whole are going out of style. White walls coupled with all-white cabinets, tiles, tub/shower, and other features make the whole space feel sterile and uninviting.

Bright white is too cold

The cold and impersonal vibe that is created by bright white walls is the opposite of what you want in a room that's supposed to serve you and your needs for ease and comfort. Swap out bright white for warm neutrals like taupe, pastel yellow, and sage green because they are more relaxing and will make the room feel more comfortable. 

You can also show more of your personality and do a total 180 from the impersonal vibe of bright white. One of the bathroom trends that we've been told to expect in 2024 is the inclusion of bold, vibrant colors, so choose one that you really identify with and decorate the bathroom around it.

Keep in mind, too, that white also comes in warmer shades so fans of it might not have to stray too far and can choose an off-white or eggshell instead. An eggshell like the BEHR PRO i100 could be a good fit because it has a lot more softness to it. One gallon costs around $21 at Home Depot.

It doesn't create a flattering light

In his TikTok, Phoenix Grey also mentioned that the coldness of white reflects negatively in light. While white does bounce off light well, a harsh shade won't allow it to be flattering to the skin, especially in a bathroom with limited natural light. "Your face is not going to look its natural skin tone," he explained. Some commenters shared that they get around this by doing their makeup in the bedroom, but it still helps to know what your bathroom needs so you can set yourself up for success.

To get a more flattering reflection in the bathroom mirror, you need warm wall colors for the sunlight to bounce off. Some examples are peach, pink, and beige because they are similar to skin tones. If you don't have a lot of natural light coming into the bathroom, soft white light bulbs are also a good source of flattering light for doing your makeup and taking those all-important mirror selfies. Keep in mind, too, that despite looking pristine at first, there's a lot of upkeep with an all-white bathroom.

As one commenter succinctly put it, "White bathroom is so hard to clean, like after just one day everything is dusty." Take the opportunity to express your creativity while also saving yourself some time fretting in the long run by steering clear of this trend for good.