Turn Dollar Tree Paper Towel Holders Into A Stunning Countertop Display Tray

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Chic display trays are a great way to spice up your kitchen countertop. They are commonly used to store produce, coffee supplies, cooking utensils, seasonings, and more. Display trays are both functional and stylish, so it is no surprise that they are such a hit with home decor enthusiasts. The item isn't hard to get your hands on, as you can find them at most home decor retailers, and there is a large variety online as well. While these options are often trendy, they aren't the most budget-friendly decor choice. You can build your own display tray for way less by following this TikTok tutorial posted by @nittas_homeandstyle.

This DIY may even be one of the most affordable options out there, because most of the supplies you will need are sold at Dollar Tree. The project only requires a few materials, including four paper towel holders, a pack of zip ties, small decorative plaques, screws, and glue — all of which can be found at Dollar Tree. You will also need to purchase mirror sheets to cover the surface of the display tray, which @nittas_homeandstyle snagged from Amazon.

Building your countertop display tray

To build your countertop display tray, you will first need to grab two of your paper towel holders and attach them to one another using your zip ties, as shown in the video. Repeat this process with your two remaining paper towel holders. Next, use zip ties to bind both sets of paper towel holders together so that the circular ends make up the four legs of your display tray. Set this piece aside and grab your plaques.

Use screws to connect four plaques to create a larger rectangle. This will make up the surface of your display tray. Next, cut your mirror paper to fit over the surface you just created. You may notice that the video does not show how the mirror paper was secured to the plaques, but you should be able to easily adhere it using glue.

After attaching the mirror paper, lay your assembled surface onto your paper towel holders. Now, you have a beautiful silver display tray to hold your kitchen supplies. The final product shown in the video is stunning, but you can see that the black zip ties used to attach the paper towel holders are still visible. You can cover these up with small strips of mirror paper. Simply cut your strips to size and wrap them around the zip ties to create a more cohesive look.

Similar display trays are far pricer

Sure, this DIY requires you to get hands-on, but it's arguably well worth it considering the price of similar display trays. Wayfair's Aayush Tray, for example, also comes in silver and includes a mirrored center, similar to the mirrored surface of the DIY tray. However, it is priced at $66.68 — and this is one of the more affordable options. A higher-end silver tray sold by Williams Sonoma is priced at $219.95.

Looking at the cost of materials for the DIY display tray in comparison, most items are only $1.25. You may choose to pick up the Dollar Tree pieces in person, but they are also available online. The paper towel holder is priced at $1.25 on the store website. You can also purchase a 65-pack of zip ties online for the same price. There is a wide variety of glue available to order for $1.25 per item. The plaques and screws shown in the video do not appear to be available on the Dollar Tree website, but you may be able to find them at your local store. Finally, there are quite a few different types of mirror paper available on Amazon, including this pack of 10 for $7.99. These sheets even have adhesive on one side, eliminating the need for glue.