Use HGTV Star Nate Berkus' Genius Idea To Conceal A TV In A Small Living Space

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HGTV star Nate Berkus is one of the most recognizable interior designers on the internet. The co-host of the popular HGTV series ​​"The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project", Berkus uses his Instagram account to give fans a glimpse into his life and share home design tips and advice. He talks about new interior design trends, gives behind-the-scenes tours of his office, and uploads adorable videos of his pets.

The interior designer detailed the smart hack he used to hide his TV in his former, tiny 515-square-foot New York City apartment in an Instagram reel. He put the television in the closet of his main room so that he wouldn't have to look at it. A TV can be a real eyesore and this is a genius way to keep your television out of sight — yet accessible enough for when you want to watch it. It's perfect for smaller spaces like studio apartments where you don't have room for a television stand. Let's take a closer look at Berkus' small space TV hack.

How to hide a TV in a tiny space

Nate Berkus explained in an Instagram video how one of his favorite projects ever was hiding his TV in his West Village New York City apartment. This was the first apartment that he owned. He only had one small main room, a galley kitchen, one bathroom, and a bedroom with a niche. The interior designer didn't have a lot of room, so he came up with a unique solution — conceal the TV in the living room closet.

In the reel, Berkus outlined why he loved this solution. He said that he got to decide what he wanted his space to look like: he's all about decorating in a "deeply personal" way. The TV host shared that when he looked around his apartment, he wanted his things to represent great memories for him. Berkus prefers to display items that make him smile and think about loved ones. With the TV out of the way, he could fill his apartment with things that had special meaning for him — like the brass cabinet handles he purchased in Greece.

Other ways to conceal a TV

Nate Berkus' idea for concealing his TV worked well for him because his closet was located in front of his couch, so he could easily hide the TV when not in use and watch it whenever he wanted by simply opening the closet doors. However, not everyone has a closet setup like this. In many apartments and houses, closets are located out of the way. If you want to conceal your TV, there are lots of other ways to do so.

One trend that we've seen interior designers use is to hang the television on the wall and use a dark paint color for the wall. This is a great way to hide your TV. The dark wall color makes the small screen fade into the background. Dark hues such as navy, velvety black, and chestnut work well for this. You can also make your TV into a piece of art and hang it over a mantel or fireplace. Most smart TVs can display beautiful artwork when not in use. Samsung even makes customizable frames for their equipment so it looks like a beautiful piece of art.