Use This Dollar Tree Find To Give Your Bedroom Walls A Trendy Upgrade For Less

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Finding ways to upgrade your bedroom decor when you're on a budget can be tough. There are heaps of cute designs out there that will far exceed a stated budget — paint and wallpaper can run up your tab quite quickly! — but you don't have to break the bank to achieve the look you want. The scalloped edge wall trend (designed to emulate the look of a scallop shell) is huge at the moment, and you only need a pack of scalloped wall borders to achieve it. You'll be able to get the look of a chic scalloped edge wallpaper without the usual cost and with just some time, a few borders, and a bit of imagination. If you breathed a huge sigh of relief that you wouldn't have to hand-paint the scalloped-shell border, you're not alone. While some people are great at it, it can be incredibly tricky to nail perfectly, but this process takes the guessing work — and extra money — out of the equation.

There are plenty of choices out there for borders. We particularly like the holographic set of four from Dollar Tree, or the bright matte set of four, also from Dollar Tree. If you like the idea of incorporating a border into your room but aren't sure where to start, don't worry. We've got you covered on how to bring color and life to your bedroom on a budget.

Get creative with decor without spending much money

Take your border of choice and attach it to the wall at the very top.  You can do this by using adhesive wall strips like Command strips, strong glue, or even with a nail gun depending on whether you rent or own your property. You should fit the borders so the top edge hits the section where your wall meets the ceiling. You may need to use quite a few borders per wall depending on the width of your bedroom walls, but since they're so affordable, this hack remains budget-friendly despite needing to use many of them.

It can be difficult to get the borders completely straight, but a bumpy application will make it obvious that the wall borders are separate from the wall itself, so try and get them to blend in as much as possible. Repeat the above process on all four walls (depending on the look you're going for). If you find the borders beginning to sag or otherwise not staying up, add your adhesive of choice and then hold each border in place for a few minutes to help it stick. Ultimately, this DIY scalloped wall method is fun and creative, and it will give your bedroom a budget-friendly makeover instantly.