Look At All You Can Organize With Just A Broom From The Dollar Tree

With its aisles and aisles of affordable products, the Dollar Tree is a haven for shoppers on a budget, especially DIYers looking for affordable supplies. There's a range of products that you can upgrade from this store, from wooden organizers to storage buckets, and the brand even has some DIY ideas on their website. If you have an old Dollar Tree broom laying around (or you plan on grabbing one on your next trip), there's plenty you can create. We've rounded up some DIY ideas for organization and decoration, using a low-cost Dollar Tree broom.

The Dollar Tree sells its brooms in parts, which makes it possible for you to mix and match the handle with different broom and mop heads. Many of the projects on our list only use the handle. This design means you can save a bit of money (no need to grab a head). A broomstick costs just $1.25 from the Dollar Tree, so it's very affordable. It can be cheaper than similarly sized products (like a long wooden dowel) and more convenient for some shoppers to find. Ready to turn a broom into something new? Here are a few projects you can create using a Dollar Tree broom.

Make a rod for hanging baskets

It's hard to tell that the base of this project is a Dollar Tree broom — it looks just that nice! This DIY uses cotton string, wrapped around the broom handle and glued in place, to create a rod that doesn't look like a broom at all. This is a great way to upcycle a broom handle or repurpose an old broom, and you can use a range of materials for the wrap, like ribbon, jute, cotton string, and even decorative paper or fabric.

Attach the rod to the wall using a wall-mounted broom holder (it's the perfect size to hold a handle). The Essentials Mop and Broom Holder is available at the Dollar Tree for $1.25, but you'd have to cut it into sections for this hack. Another option is to get Command Broom and Mop Grippers for around $14 on Amazon. Keep in mind that these stick-on options have a low weight limit: If you want to store heavier items in your basket, use curtain rod holders to mount the project. Screw-in wall brackets are reasonably priced, too — you can grab Curtain Rod Wall Brackets for $8.99 on Amazon.

Install a temporary and damage-free outdoor hanging rod

Using over-the-door hooks and a curtain rod, this quick hack from But First, Coffee creates a temporary and damage-free outdoor hanging rod. It takes almost no time to set up and won't leave any holes in your fence. The Dollar Tree broom handle is made of plastic, so it holds up well to wet outdoor conditions in the short term. Pair it with rustproof plastic hooks like the 1st Choice Over-the-Door Hook ($4.99 on Amazon). This project provides a spot to hang beach towels, bathing suits, and your other damp summer items that you won't want to bring into the house. Once items are dry, it only takes a few seconds to take this rack down.

Use the broom handles as budget-friendly light holders

The cost of holiday decorating and lighting can really add up. You can make your setup a little more affordable by hacking some Dollar Tree broom handles. With this project from @kraftey.corner.glitter, you can create string light poles that cost only $1.25 each. That's big savings compared to buying these products; for example, the Hampton Bay 9.8 ft. String Light Pole costs $29.97 at The Home Depot!

Keep in mind that this hack creates shorter and less durable light poles compared to buying most comparable products. These will sit at around fence height and are plastic instead of metal. But it's hard to beat the cost savings. This hack works by inserting the broom handle into the ground, like a stake. Keep the hanging loop side out of the ground; you can cut one side to create a spot that you can slide the Christmas light strand into. Of course, this hack is perfect for holiday decorating, but it's also lovely if you want twinkle lights in your garden year round.

The broom handle doubles as a tree trunk with a little creativity

A Dollar Tree broom handle makes the perfect affordable post for seasonal DIY projects. This creative idea from @bargain.bethany shows how to make a faux autumnal tree using the broom handle as a base. By wrapping and painting the handle, it looks more like a tree trunk. She then adds faux maple branches, like these fake maple leaves which cost $9.99 on Amazon, to create a Fall tree.

You can use this idea for a range of seasonal DIYs: the "tree trunk" part works year round. In winter, decorate with faux pine and holly, like the Yixiang assorted Christmas arrangement for $16.95 on Amazon. In spring and summer, cover the handle in artificial leaves and flowers — the Ponking Flower Garland ($16.99 on Amazon) makes a stunning pick.

Create impressive arches for outdoor decorating

Dollar Tree broom handles make for some pretty sturdy stakes for outdoor decorating. This hack from @hometalk drives them into the ground to create a base for lighting arches. Insert the broom handles into the ground, in line on opposite sides of a path. Then take a flexible PVC pipe and extend it from one post to the other to create an arch shape. Since the piping is flexible, keep in mind that the arch can't hold any heavy loads. You can decorate it with Christmas lights like in this video, or opt for other lightweight décor like streamers, faux leaf garlands, or hanging decorations.

Make your own curtain rod in a pinch

If a new curtain rod isn't in the budget, or you just need to make do in a pinch, a Dollar Tree broom handle is an inexpensive stand-in. This DIY from @do.it.on.a.dime3 uses an Essentials Mop and Broom Holder from the Dollar Tree for $1.25. You will have to cut the broom holder if you go this route. An alternative is the Command Broom and Mop Grippers for about $14 on Amazon. These stick-on holders have a rather light weight capacity, so you'll want to use a lightweight curtain for this project.

Use a few brooms to create a blanket ladder

This might be the cheapest blanket ladder you can create. It uses a couple broom handles and a few thin wooden dowels to make this trendy décor item. To put this ladder together, you'll need to use a screwdriver to make holes in the side of the broom handle. The hole needs to be large enough for your skinny wooden dowels to fit into. This creates a sturdy joint without needing to use nails or screws. While @louisianawoman1 wraps the broom handles and dowels with red ribbon to create a Christmas theme, you can use different wrapping fabrics and colors to personalize it to the season or your décor.

Craft a decorative present stack (for Christmas or birthdays)

Create an impressive-looking decoration for a budget-friendly price with this project idea from @gabriela.atty. It uses a Dollar Tree broom handle as a base, passing it through old shipping boxes to create a present stack. You can use something heavy in the bottom box to keep the structure up (any type of weight is fine, even if it's just a bag of rice or sand). Wrap the presents and add a bow to make it extra adorable. While this video is a Christmas DIY, you can also use it for other occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, etc.), just by changing up the wrapping paper.

Craft a display shelf

If you have a few broom handles laying around and nothing to do with them, you can create a display shelf. This project from @designs_by_shadiek uses mini broom handles as columns between two certificate frames, which turns it into a shelf. If your local store doesn't have mini broom handles in stock, you can cut the regular Dollar Tree broom handles to your ideal size to recreate this project. Since it's held together by glue, keep in mind that this shelf is only suitable for very lightweight items.

Use it to display children's artwork or photos

If your refrigerator door is covered in drawings, try this clever way to display your child's art instead. This is another Dollar Tree broom hack that repurposes the broom as a wall-mounted rod. It uses stick-on hooks to easily attach the broom handle to the wall. You can use a broom holder or a regular hook with a large enough space to fit the broom. If you want, you can wrap the broom to conceal it a bit more. Before hanging it up, put on your desired number of curtain clip rings (like these Ivilon Drapery Curtain Clip Rings for $7.85 on Amazon). You can then clip artwork, photos, and more onto these rings to put them on display. Best of all, it's easy to switch out the pieces if your kid brings home a new masterpiece or you print a new favorite photo.