The IKEA BEKVAM Hack That Is Perfect For A Nursery

If you're anticipating the arrival of a new baby or have a little one who is beginning to show interest in books, incorporating book storage into your nursery is an excellent idea. Many DIY-savvy moms like @crystaaal.m or @cupcake030910 on TikTok have demonstrated how a simple spice rack can be transformed into a charming DIY floating bookshelf for a nursery. This is an excellent project if you recently added storage to your kitchen and have spare shelves from a recent kitchen renovation or are looking for an affordable and creative solution. One popular choice is the IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack, which can be easily converted into a charming floating bookshelf for your nursery. This project not only adds functionality to the room but also encourages a tidy and engaging space for your child.

The IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack (available for $6.99 on IKEA) is crafted from solid wood, making it ideal for customization. Its surface can be sanded and treated to seamlessly blend with your nursery's aesthetic. You can use the rack as is or prime and paint it to match your nursery's wall color. If you're installing multiple racks, consider varying their placement for a playful and dynamic look. Placing them side by side creates a continuous line, creating a bookshelf effect. Staggering the racks at different heights can add a playful and visually interesting arrangement. Another creative idea is to install the racks in a corner, which can make the nursery feel more spacious and organized.

Why converting a spice rack to a bookshelf is a great idea

Most nursery bookshelves out in the market are bulky. If you don't have the floor space for a traditional freestanding shelf, a floating bookshelf is an efficient way to use the vertical space in your room without taking up precious space. Aside from this, keeping them out of reach prevents your child's room from getting cluttered with books. However, there is a trade-off to consider. If you want your child to have the freedom to access their books anytime and choose what they like, which can foster independence, a high floating shelf may not be ideal. Shelves placed beyond their reach can be inaccessible or unsafe for young children to use on their own.

Having a floating bookshelf also helps with book rotations. This practice involves you or your child selecting a specific set of books for the week, with the remainder displayed on the shelves. Such a system helps prevent children from feeling overwhelmed by too many choices and fosters excitement about reading. 

Plus, the BEKVÄM  shelves are versatile. Unlike nursery-specific bookshelves that might lose their relevance, there are multiple ways to transform your space with floating shelves. For instance, you can convert them back into spice racks or use them to store bathroom essentials; this makes them a practical and long-lasting addition to your home, providing value beyond the nursery years.