These IKEA DIYs Prove The TRONES Is The Perfect Piece For Extra Home Storage

Though the TRONES is listed as a shoe storage cabinet on IKEA's website, it has many features that make it a versatile storage unit for any room in your home. Whether you're using the unit for its original purpose as space-saving shoe storage, or repurposing it for other storage needs, the shallow design, durable plastic material, and sleek color options (white, black, and gray-green) make the product a DIY favorite. Since the design is stackable, like many of IKEA's storage products, and affordable, at just $39.99 per two-pack, it's easy to get creative. Perfect for narrow spaces, like entryways, foyers, bathrooms, or hallways, these TRONES DIYs allow you to declutter and redesign no matter what your space constraints are.

Keep in mind that the TRONES requires a wall or sturdy surface for mounting. With a few simple modifications, this IKEA product can turn into slim cabinetry that fits where ordinary shelving or dressers may not. If your home is short on closets but high on children's toys, linens, hair products, or other knick-knacks, these DIY storage projects may be just the answer you're looking for.

Add entryway storage for keys, leashes, and more

An entryway can be a vital repository for some of your most important belongings — think keys, wallets, and coats. But many entryways have just enough room to enter the home and little room for storing essentials you'd grab on your way out. Luckily the TRONES comes to the rescue in these typically narrow spaces. Mounting one or more units to the wall by the door makes it easy to organize hats and gloves in the winter, sunscreen and shades in the summer, or wallets and handbags year-round. Since each has a small, flat reserve at the top, mounting it at the right height can provide built-in counter space for keys, wallets, and phones. For an elevated look, you can secure a piece of finished wood to the top. This creates a more polished surface for small decorations or even houseplants, especially in entryways with lots of natural light.

Dog owners may find the TRONES especially useful for pet storage in entryways. Many home DIYers have mounted the TRONES for handy access to leashes, poop bags, toys, and balls. And, because it's washable, it's a great place to stash dog food and treats. 

Create cabinets for small bathrooms

Similarly, a lack of closet space in the bathroom can cause quite the storage conundrum, especially if you have few or no vanity or medicine cabinets. However, a TRONES is perfect for storing tall shampoo and conditioner bottles, curling irons or blow dryers, and makeup accessories in a small bathroom area. At less than eight inches deep, the unit can be mounted in hard-to-reach places where a larger, freestanding cabinet wouldn't fit. Plus, unlike a wall-mounted shelf, it offers hidden storage to hide clutter.

Use a single TRONES cabinet compartment for tiny spaces next to toilets or sinks, or mount two of the cabinet compartments behind the bathroom door for access to toiletries. And for those who don't have cabinet or closet storage in their bathrooms, the TRONES can provide a handy, hidden place to store toilet paper within arm's reach of the holder — a must-have.

Expand kitchen pantry space

A kitchen without enough countertop, cabinet, or pantry space can quickly become a cluttered mess, especially if you're grocery shopping for an entire family. TikTok user @cindyypersaud presents an easy TRONES hack for small kitchen spaces. They mount two units to the side of a kitchen counter for neat, inconspicuous snack storage. Though this TikTokker uses the hack for storing chips, crackers, and other dry kitchen goods, you could also use the TRONES as a pantry to store produce out of sight. The product is made out of polypropylene plastic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. You can even remove its drawers for better cleaning access. So, you'll be sure that any mushy fruit or vegetables past their prime won't wreck your new pantry space long-term.

That being said, it can't hurt to add an additional removable plastic lining or segmented dividers to further protect and organize your new pantry. And, DIYers with small children or pets can be sure that any snacks that should be kept out of reach aren't stored as close to the floor. With a little adjustment, this pantry can be mounted higher up on a kitchen wall or the back of a door for safer access.

Revolutionize your trash and recycling

In states, cities, or countries without single-stream recycling, the TRONES can provide out-of-sight sorting options for sustainability-minded residents. TikTok user @jtcunning illustrates how: they use the capacious storage of three stacked units to separate trash and recycling. Then, they further organize by adding small plastic tubs for tin, plastic, glass, paper, and garbage within the cabinet pockets. They point out that assigning each compartment to different trash/recyclables in their compact home saves them both space and time in an area where disposal regulations are very specific.

Wherever your location, if you're short on kitchen space, this sorting system could be a sleek way to hide recyclables between trash days. If you're storing compost scraps or garbage in the TRONES, it's probably best to add a lid to inner bins, or to empty the bins daily, to avoid odors or pests. You could even add a gel or car air freshener to each drawer for extra freshness.

Make a TRONES media center

YouTube channel Endpoint101 explains a genius TRONES hack to hide the mess of cables and wires that come with a home router. They begin by cutting an access point into the lower unit and mounting it around an electrical socket. Then, they drill small holes through the top of the upper unit and thread the cords through both units. This way, their phone and router can be plugged in neatly on top of the cabinets, without a nest of visible wiring. To make this a 2-in-1 storage solution, the wires are taped to the back of the TRONES so they remain flush against the surface. This allows the drawers to function normally and store entryway items like bags and gloves.

Replicating this hack in a TV room or living room could make for the ultimate media center. Simply mount the TRONES in a similar fashion under a TV to hide cables and wires, store remotes, or organize home movie collections in one fell swoop. For gamers with multiple consoles and controllers, this hack allows for versatile accessory storage as well as a ledge for recharging wireless devices. Attach adhesive hooks to the sides of the cabinets to hang up headsets for online gaming, or hang fabric pocket organizers within the drawers to protect and sort game cartridges.

Streamline your paper files, records, or craft supplies

The unique rectangular shape of the TRONES opens up all sorts of possibilities for file and paper storage. Ann Loxley on YouTube demonstrates how the cabinets can be mounted out of the way to store construction paper and other craft supplies for children. Delicate or important papers, sketchbooks and artwork, and folders for schoolwork can find a place other than the kitchen table with this solution. Supplies that might be crumpled and damaged in an ordinary drawer can be further organized with hanging file folders, with much less space than a bulky filing cabinet.

But the TRONES's shape can protect so much more than paper alone for crafters. Magazines and photographs for scrapbooking fit just as easily as yarn, knitting needles, and fabric items in these versatile cabinets. IKEA's listing even shows vinyl LPs stored neatly inside the compartments for music hobbyists who want to protect their collections. For the especially creative, contact paper or peelable wallpaper can be added to the plain cabinet drawers to customize your craft corner.