What To Know About Buying Glassware From IKEA

Doing your research when purchasing glassware is important to ensure you get the most out of your money. There is a wide range of variety when it comes to drinking glasses and glass decor alike. High-end glasses are pricer and typically more durable, but many affordable options are comparable to these more expensive pieces. Lots of people shop at IKEA to save money, and it is one of the many retailers known for selling inexpensive glassware that is often highly rated. However, you should know a few things before purchasing its offerings.

If you look at some of the most popular glassware options on the IKEA website, you will notice that many have nearly a 5-star rating. For example, the IKEA 365+ clear glass is rated 4.5 stars. In the product's positive reviews, customers stated they enjoyed the glasses because they found them sturdy and stackable. Many buyers who left negative reviews shared stories of the glasses shattering at seemingly random times. These varied opinions on IKEA glassware might leave you wanting to know more about the products and what to look out for.

Some customers claim that IKEA glassware is prone to shattering

IKEA customers across the internet have claimed that the glassware they purchased from the store shattered unexpectedly. You might already know that glass can shatter due to extreme temperature changes, such as pouring a hot liquid into a previously refrigerated glass. However, some reviews allege that IKEA glassware can shatter while stored in a cabinet completely untouched. "The middle of the glass exploded while no one was home," claimed one review for the IKEA 365+ clear glass on the store's website. "Glass sprayed into 3 rooms. The bottom and top of glass remained on the counter, no one even touched it." Some reviews for the IKEA GODIS glass also alleged that this piece breaks easily, although the product has a 4.5-star rating overall. One customer penned a review claiming that their glass broke after undergoing a dishwasher cycle despite the glasses being labeled as dishwasher safe up to 158ºF.

So, why might IKEA glassware break so often? While the company has not confirmed the exact cause, experts have shared theories on spontaneous glass shattering. Benjamin Kikkertt of Vancouver Studio Glass spoke to CBC about this phenomenon after a Canadian woman purchased glassware from a separate company that shattered unexpectedly. "Could have been an impurity in the glass, could have been a disruption in the production cycle ... Somewhere in the cooling and the contraction part," he explained.

Care for your IKEA glassware properly to minimize the risk

Although this glass-shattering controversy may have left IKEA with a few bad reviews, remember that the company's glassware is still highly rated overall and could be a great option for those looking for affordable pieces. It may be worth exploring its glassware options and simply staying on top of proper care. To help protect your glass, you should be mindful of its care instructions and ensure it doesn't undergo any drastic temperature changes.

IKEA also advises against stacking its glasses, which could cause damage that makes them more likely to shatter. The company warns customers to read product information to determine whether the piece of glassware they purchased can withstand hot liquids. If you end up with shattered IKEA glassware, you can contact the company for help.

Negative reviews aside, IKEA glassware is a favorite of many. Even The New York Times' product review site, Wirecutter, recommends the retailer's glassware. The IKEA 365+ six-glass set is one of its budget picks. The outlet shared that they performed almost as well as expensive higher-end glasses in a drop test. Wirecutter also recommended the IKEA Godis. However, it did warn that it isn't the most space-saving option due to the size of the glasses.