Why You Should Use This IKEA SEKTION Hack In Your Mudroom

In addition to the affordable prices and simple, classic designs, Ikea pieces are staples all over the world because they are so versatile. You are in no way limited to the original function of an item, and it's extremely easy to mix and match the different products. The SEKTION, for example, is technically a kitchen cabinet but can be turned into a desk or used as a wardrobe. It can also be used anywhere you need a simple cabinet, like the mudroom, where storage solutions are crucial for maintaining order.

A mudroom can serve solely as a transitional space between the outdoors and the interior of a home, or it can encompass more and be the place where you do your laundry or store extra belongings. Generally, it ends up being a depository for items that easily get cluttered, which is why it's important to have storage solutions like shelves, bins, hooks, and cabinets so all the different things can have their place. This is where the Ikea SEKTION cabinets come in, making it easy to keep everything organized.

Use the SEKTION for more storage space

The SEKTION cabinets come in different styles, and you can get them with or without attached doors. The 90 x 15-inch frame with two compartments and no doors costs $134 on the Ikea website. The cabinet with similar dimensions but eight compartments and two doors is $240 and has over 20 door colors for an added price if you don't want the standard white (via Ikea). To DIY your custom cabinets, prime and paint the frames if you want a different color than the original, assemble them, and then hang them on the wall with the Ikea suspension rail, which is sold separately and costs $18 on the Ikea website. It is 84 inches long. 

If you purchase the doorless frames, then you'll have to get the doors separately and attach them yourself after the frame is up. Many manufacturers make doors that fit Ikea furniture, making it easy to find doors for your SEKTION cabinet. The final step is to screw on handles or door knobs, and you're done. A cute set of knobs to consider is the GRIBBOL, also from Ikea. It's a $5 two-pack that comes in three colors. Another feature to consider that can help you transform your mudroom is a small bench to sit on for added convenience and comfort.